The challenge


Data-driven marketing is still in its adolescence, but the savviest marketers have graduated from hiring and building to scaling, activating and optimizing.


Data and analytics will rapidly become the foundation of marketing, superseding more qualitative approaches. Marketing success requires sourcing and using the right data, combined with smarter analytics and optimization.


Of all the sources of stress that keep digital marketers up at night, data is in a class of its own. The expectation today is that every decision should be “data-driven.” Even content itself, crafted through a creative and often haphazard process, is supposed to adhere to the cold logic of metrics.


Yet Marketing Resource Management analytics can actually free rather than suppress creativity. By asking the right questions about assets, you can put your gut instincts to the test and take greater risks, knowing that data will either confirm or disprove your ideas. Simply put, MRM analytics empower you to experiment, see the results and produce better content.

Our solution

To be effective in marketing, you need intuition and inspiration – and analytics, to reveal the impact of your creative choices. To allow you to sleep more peacefully at night, take advantage of all the data hidden in our MRM solution, just waiting to be tapped.


Wedia Content Scoring Management provide actionable insight into your audience’s content consumption, engagement and retention metrics. It makes you measure content performance across your websites, blogs, and social channels.


Wedia provides a strong data-driven engine to give marketers a clear picture of the entire consumer journey. Our analytics suite helps marketers build a more informed content strategy that drives real ROI.


With Content Scoring Management, you can finally measure your marketing from idea through execution, get complete cross-channel visibility, track team productivity, access rich insight about content performance and identify areas for improvement across your marketing strategy.

We make it easier for brands to get content-centric analytics in real time and to learn more about customer affinity.

Your benefits

Identify content with the greatest impact


Optimize your content marketing strategy by understanding what resonates with your audience and why.


Score the performance of each item of content


Quantify the influence of your content marketing , Wedia’s recommendation engine quantifies your impact by measuring your audience’s engagement with your content.

Leverage real-time analytics to identify and act on top-performing content




Keep marcom users focused on the most valuable and relevant content


Combine content analytics with profound insight into your customers to identify the most relevant content to share with your audience.

Our story with AXA


AXA deployed Wedia Content Scoring Management module to better understand which assets were resonating with their audience.


This allowed them to voluntarily archive the most-used assets to avoid audience boredom and then produce similar assets.

Key Features

  • GET REAL-TIME INSIGHT: Never wait for data crunching; all analytics data is available in real time


  • INTERACT WITH YOUR DATA: Point and click dashboards allow for powerful and easy data drilling


  • CUSTOMIZABLE DASHBOARDS: Create multiple customized dashboards – by user or by user group


  • AUTOMATED E-MAIL REPORTS: Get weekly or monthly reports directly in your inbox


  • MEASURE CONTENT PERFORMANCE: Track which subjects are resonating most with your customers, and focus on high-performing topics TRACK PROGRESS: Track progress and deliverables on a personalized dashboard
  • LEARN WHICH ASSETS ARE MOST USED: Track asset usage, and drive your asset production based on Wedia analytics


  • MIX INTERNAL/EXTERNAL ANALYTICS: Feed Wedia analytics with external analytics, such as page views from a CMS, to enhance image and video rankings


  • TRACK DAM USAGE: Learn how your users are searching and working with the DAM portal
  • REAL-TIME ACCESS TO CONTENT PERFORMANCE: Learn how your content is performing across channels, and what your audience is looking for


  • CREATE A FEEDBACK LOOP: Create content based on what your audience currently craves


  • TEAM PERFORMANCE, MEASURED: Learn where there are bottlenecks in your content creation pipeline
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