Create an effective collaboration cycle with your regions and countries

Use the resources of different countries

Your regional and international subsidiaries are a tremendous source of information. But also of good ideas for energizing your brand image and inspiring the creation of new products. Indeed, who better suited to talk about your brand than those who make it come to life every day? As a result, it would be a real shame not to effectively take into consideration the feedback of your collaborators around the world.

As a concrete example, let’s take the case of a wine and spirits brand. There are a lot of rules for the use and service of this type of high-quality – or even luxury – product. International subsidiaries are expected to respect them to guarantee the quality of the brand image. And that in every bar, hotel, or restaurant where their products are sold.

As a result, it makes sense for them to be able to share photos of brand events, for example. To enlarge the pool of recent content, which will help sales representatives with sales, bring to life product catalogues, the website, social networks, media, etc. At the same time, this work needs to be supervised by the central marketing department.

Which workflow to use these resources

This is precisely what one of the workflows offered by Wedia allows you to do: give your international collaborators the chance to intervene (or not – it’s up to you) in developing a marketing strategy for your brand. When it comes to uploading visuals to our solution, this process can be broken down into four steps:

  1. Local collaborators upload a visual.
  2. An alert is sent to the central supervisor.
  3. The supervisor validates (or not) the visual.
  4. An alert is sent to inform collaborators of the result as well as of any potential comments (in the form of post-it notes) within the solution.

These exchanges should help you establish your future marketing strategy since they allow you to get a sense of what’s trendy, what consumers on various continents like.

Want to find out more about our solution’s workflow? You can contact us whenever you wish.


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