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An editorial calendar for your marketing activities

Marketing Resource Management solutions offer editorial calendar adapted to marketing activities. That allow you to direct the production of content and organize its distribution.

With the rapid expansion of digital media, it’s essential for marketers to publish an increasing amount of content (posts on social media, blogs, and websites; images; web banners; newsletters; etc.) to help turn prospective clients into loyal ones.

What is an editorial calendar specifically dedicated to marketing activities?

Unlike a “standard” editorial calendar, which is simply a schedule that describes the editorial content for the coming weeks, the editorial calendar of an MRM solution features operational, organizational, and collaborative functions that eliminate the complexity of producing multi-channel content and allow for coordinated communication between your company’s various departments.

Activities managed by an MRM editorial calendar:

  • Indexing topics to be addressed and positioning them on a calendar (with their possible publication dates, the events they concern, etc.), such as the minutes of an editorial meeting.
  • Centralizing all elements necessary for the production of this content: this facilitates the work of contributors by assembling all photos, product references, user reviews, and work documents related to a given topic.
  • Sharing these elements with all contributors (according to profiles) with access via a simple web portal.
  • Organizing work collaboratively: from assigning tasks to organizing the validation process via a workflow.
  • Displaying the editorial schedule according to theme/media type/editor/calendar/events.
  • Ensuring precise, real-time monitoring of ongoing and future actions for each media type and/or actor, by topic, thanks to user-friendly and customized dashboards.
  • Distributing content through various channels.

How to put the editorial calendar to work for your business

MRM’s editorial calendar is a tool designed to foster client relationships. Specifically, it allows you to:

  • Centralize and share contentwith sales teams.
  • Associate content with the various levels of your consumer relationships (acquisition stage, loyalty-building) to construct a consistent and attractive “history.” To be combined with a marketing automation system.
  • Scheduling distribution and opportunities for creating customer loyalty to maximize the performance of content (possibility of reusing content).
  • Ensuring the production of content for both “one-shot” and “long-term” campaigns.

If you’d like to find out more, or for a demonstration, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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