How to communicate better on Snapchat

What are the Snapchat main functions?

Our last newsletter looked at the basic principles of Snapchat. Today, we’re going to find out a bit more about this distinctive app.

There are eight main functions: snap, chat, story, live story, the Discover page, lenses, filters and contacts.

A snap is a photo or video message taken and shared with contacts on Snapchat in real time. It can be seen for 10 seconds max (or less, if the user prefers), then it is erased. During that time, contacts can choose to take a screenshot in order to save it (in which case a notification is sent to the sender). The aim of a snap is to create more spontaneous, visual and fun conversations than with traditional channels. Smileys or text can be superimposed on the image before sending it, and other functions make it possible to be even more creative.

How to create an original snap

By using the lens function, you can add visual and sound effects to a snap (a hat and a mustache, dog ears with an enormous tongue that appears when you open your mouth) that follow the movements of your face. The aim is to make snaps even more quirky and personal. The lenses that snapchat offers change every day.

You can also superimpose a filter on your snaps: colored filters, a time stamp, the battery life left on your smartphone or location filters (Paris, for example, if that’s where you are) – there’s something for every taste!

Then, once you’ve created your message, all you have to do is send it to the contacts (or snapchatters) you want, who you’ll have already entered, either based on their username or using your address book, or by scanning their snapcode, the personal code unique to each user (see below).

What else can you do?

Snapchat has a lot of other functions, including chat. To start a chat, just swipe right on one of your contact’s names. The messages are erased when you leave the conversation. Unless you choose to save them by pressing down for a second. It’s also possible to create snaps directly from chat, rather than sending pictures or making a phone or video call. When users create a snap, they can decide whether to send it to their contacts or post it to their story.

A story is a compilation of snaps (photos and videos, customized or not) that creates – yes – a story. It is added to the user’s profile and remains public (viewable by everyone or just the user’s contacts) and can be viewed an indefinite number of times for 24 hours. Users can save their own snaps and stories.

A live story is a compilation of snaps taken at specific events and locations around the world and sent by users. Snapchat chooses, edits and publishes them within 24 hours.

For brands, the Discover page is the most interesting feature. It allows them to propose content (photos, videos, ads and articles), which changes daily. It’s easy to access from the stories screen (five brands are promoted every day). So snapchatters see it every time they use the app.

While waiting for the next newsletter on this topic, you can always read or re-read the first installment here. And don’t hesitate to download the Snapchat app to discover all of its original functions for yourself!


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