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Marketing planning: 6 tips to help you carry out your plan

Transform your brainstorming into successful marketing

We’re convinced that your team has no shortage of good ideas. Every brainstorming session ends up with new proposals for new marketing topics.

And yet, after a few days or weeks, these topics tend to disappear from your dashboard. Why is that? Because it’s extremely difficult to remember, choose, prioritize and assign all of these new missions.

At Wedia, we believe that effective marketing begin precisely with the mastery of this creative and operational process – marketing planning.

Marketing planning: from creativity to implementation

To solve these issues, it’s essential to follow these 6 key steps:

  1. Refine your ideas during a stakeholder briefing, then get them approved,
  2. Put together a team for each of your marketing projects,
  3. Define and map out each person’s job,
  4. Guide and follow the progress of the various tasks,
  5. Be familiar with and validate the proposed messages and content,
  6. Broadcast it through all required channels.

This process can be smartly supported by a marketing platform, which can help you at every stage of the creative process – by regularly reminding you who needs to do what when, for example.

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