The 3 most impactful articles of the year 2020

The 3 Wedia articles you shouldn’t miss from 2020

Like at the start of every year, Wedia proposes you to look back at the articles you may have missed these last 12 months. Discover the top 3 Wedia articles of 2020.

This particularly emotional year will leave deep traces in our lives. While we are still not out of the Covid-19 crisis, companies have and will continue to reinvent themselves in order to adapt to home office as well as e-commerce.

Our health situation has forced companies to rethink their marketing strategies in order to respond to new lifestyles and consumer preferences. Wedia is particularly in tune with these new transformations. Our purpose is to support global brands in the development of their marketing content, from creation to distribution, in order to help them increase brand awareness and fuel sales.

This crisis has notably resulted in the rapid development of e-commerce, which became an increasingly trending topic in 2020, and the subject of the most widely read article of the year on Wedia’s blog. And to accompany you as well as possible and allow you to fully exploit the potential of your marketing content, Wedia developed the “Content Picker” which we present as the second top article of 2020. 

This first half of 2021 will be crucial for marketing players. Their future campaigns will have to be particularly impactful to allow them to stand out and start the year well. Responding to the challenges related to customer experience will be more crucial than ever in the coming months. This year, we will continue to roll out new features of our DAM solution focused on improving user experience and delivering engaging and personalized customer experiences at unprecedented scale. 

Until then, the marketing team hand-picked the top three Wedia articles of 2020. We hope this content will inspire your next marketing activities. Enjoy the read!

The top 3 Wedia articles of 2020

The most viewed article in 2020 on the Wedia blog:


With the closure of non-essential stores and stay-at-home measures, the COVID-crisis has led businesses around the world to adapt quickly to meet changing consumer priorities and behaviors. How can companies best respond to these new expectations? Now more than ever, marketers need to better target their online customers and offer more personalized digital experiences to stand out from the crowd. This infographic gives you a numerical overview of the rise of digital during the pandemic.

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One of the most exciting Wedia novelties of 2020:


Wedia’s R&D teams have worked hard throughout the year to bring you the Content Picker, a universal connector for the Wedia DAM. It allows you to find and use your media directly via marketing applications, from Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud suites, to the CMS of your websites. In this era of collaborative work, this new feature allows remote teams to increase their productivity thanks to an intelligent tool that adapts to their needs.  

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Finally, the choice of the Wedia marketing team: 


With the health crisis, cards are being reshuffled in the e-commerce sector, which is experiencing unprecedented growth. In digital commerce, visuals create emotion and emotion sells the product. This reminds us of the importance of visuals in the purchasing process. They are crucial in the final choice of the consumer, so it is no longer a question of selling a product but an experience. 

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The entire Wedia team wishes you an excellent year and sends you its best wishes for happiness, success and of course health in 2021!

You can count on us in this new year to bring you new and helpful content for your future marketing projects.


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