The most popular Wedia blog posts 2018

The top 3 Wedia blog posts of 2018

The year is coming to its end. It’s a good opportunity to take some time to look back at 2018. A lot has happened this year (not only) in the marketing world. A lot of content has been put out there. New challenges but also new opportunities arose.

This period is also the time of the year where we think about the new year to come. We as individuals make (and try to keep) New Year’s resolutions. Companies plan their marketing strategy. For this marketing planning, among other things, it is important to bear in mind new trends, like the continuing importance of content marketing, or the development of customer and digital experience management.

Video will certainly play a bigger role for marketers in order to boost their product marketing and business development. Digital Asset Management will remain one of the main priorities for companies, which start to develop a Single-Source-Of-Truth marketing content strategy to organize and diffuse their content on every channel.

But before we start the new year, let’s have a look at the topics that interested people the most this year. We have collected for you the 3 most read Wedia articles in 2018.
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  1. How Video is accelerating Business in 2018

Although only 20% of visitors to a website read the content, 80% watch the videos. It’s not surprising then that, from one year to the next, the number of marketing managers convinced by video is climbing – 82% to 85% from 2017 to 2018.
This article shows recent stats about video as a format for Content Marketing and why it should be an essential ingredient of your Content Marketing Strategy.
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  1. What will marketing content look like in 2025?

What do you imagine marketing and communication content will look like in the future? In this interview with Melanie Viala, Founder and Managing Director of the École Supérieure du Digital [The Digital Academy] we learn about the future of content marketing and how content will change until 2025.
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  1. The Single Source of Truth

What exactly is a Single Source of Truth? What can it be useful for? And what are its main benefits?
In this article, Olivier Grenet, CTO at Wedia, answers all these questions. He also explains typical content challenges at (large) companies and their consequences.
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And as a little extra, we added our favorite article of 2018!

Content Marketing Management: 5 Steps towards Agility
Master production processes, manage the lifecycle of content marketing, provide a localized offering without putting brand consistency at risk, optimize the user experience, cultivate a truly ongoing improvement process, etc. Discover the keys to agile marketing resource management in this article.


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