Content Scoring &
Data Visualization






Today, marketing success requires sourcing and using the right data, combined with smarter analytics and optimization.
Use content scoring and data visualization to make “data-driven” marketing decisions and produce better content.

Slide Content Scoring & Data Visualization Content Scoring Make use of all the data hidden
in our MRM solution
Score the performance of each
piece of content
Measure the influence of your
content marketing
Wedia’s recommendation engine
quantifies your impact by
measuring your audience’s
engagement with your content.
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Content Scoring & Data Visualization Data visualization Wedia provides a strong data-driven engine to give
marketers a clear picture of the entire consumer journey
Dedicated dashboards help marketers build a more informed
content strategy that drives real ROI
With Data Visualization services, measure your marketing
performance from idea through execution, get complete
cross-channel visibility, access rich insight about content
engagement, and identify areas for improvement across
your marketing strategy
Leverage real-time analytics to identify
and act on top-performing content
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Content Scoring & Data Visualization Identifying high
performing content
Gain actionable insight into your audience’s
content consumption, engagement,
and retention metrics
Measure content performance across your
websites, blogs, and social channels
Optimize your content marketing strategy by
understanding what resonates with your
audience and why
Combine content analytics with profound insight
into your customers to identify the most relevant
and valuable content to share with your audience
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