How can you integrate Internet users’ videos into your media library?

Stock and manage Internet users videos in your DAM

If you type “Test Actifry” into the Google search bar, you’ll get more than 97,000 videos of users testing this fryer by the brand Seb.

This user-generated content is a vast information resource for all marketers and, in the era of social media, a fantastic potential source of content for promoting a product or brand.

Once you’ve identified this content, how can you centralize this information?

It’s not easy to find a tool that allows you to index these videos spread across dozens of different networks – primarily on YouTube, but also on DailyMotion and even on Twitter, which just launched the integration of videos last month.

In our opinion, this content should be integrated into your media library – that is, your DAM system. A DAM system like Wedia  will be able to:

  • link to, save, and sort all of these videos,
  • present, in a selective manner, approved brand content from this “social” content.

This allows you to present a 360° view of all content that has been created concerning your products. Your community managers can source this information and re-share it on the social channels they manage. Your agencies can study it to come up with campaigns that resonate with your audience. In other words, everyone connected to your project can draw on this content to, in turn, produce their own.

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