How to resize images while keeping subjects in focus

For brands, optimizing their images across all online channels is not just a nice to have. It is essential to keeping customers engaged with your content and products, promoting a positive image of your brand, and ultimately generating new or returning customers. But how can you ensure that images are consistently optimized at every touchpoint? Discover our how-to video on how to easily resize and crop images around their focal points with the Wedia Content Picker smart crop feature.

According to a study by PwC, one in three consumers say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience. In another study, it was stated that for ecommerce sites, 67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing a product. Image optimization is not just about improving page load speed and SEO ranking: it can have a real impact on a company’s top line revenue and brand affinity.

The importance of optimizing images 

Today’s customers expect, or rather demand, consistently optimized and personalized experiences irrespective of the device or channel they’re using, from their mobile phone to desktop, and from their favorite e-commerce website to social media platform. But this means that images published by a brand or retailer must be adapted to each customer’s context, such as a specific bandwidth, resolution, or screen size.

For companies with a large volume of products or images, creating and cropping tens or hundreds of variations for one single image can be long and, let’s be honest, painfully boring. Thankfully, Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms and Digital Experience Platforms exist to automate this process for you. Through API and ‘headless’ diffusion, content can be rendered on-demand in whatever required format, whenever required, enabling a ‘create once and publish everywhere’ workflow.

However, resizing images for a specific technical context is just half the battle. To maximize the impact of your images, each resized image must be optimized around the image’s subject, or focal point. When changing the aspect ratio of an image, in order to create for example a square image, a landscape image or a vertical image, you need to avoid cropping out the most important part of your image, i.e. its focal point. 

What is focal point cropping, and why is it important?

Focal point cropping is making sure that the primary subject of your image – whether it be product image, thumbnail image or lifestyle image – doesn’t get cut off across multiple screen sizes. Since often the key part of an image isn’t in the center of the image, automatically cropping the image will cause you to lose the main point of interest, and thus the meaning of your image.

Focal point cropping is a method that allows you to keep the subject of your images in focus when cropping your images.

How can the Wedia Content Picker help?

The Wedia Content Picker, a plug-in part of its DAM solution, allows users to easily resize images that are stored in their DAM solution. By inputting your desired dimensions and selecting the desired image from your DAM which is available in the Content Picker, you can generate a new cropped version of that image in seconds.

With the Content Picker, you’re able to generate new variations of images for various use cases – product images for your e-commerce site, banner images for advertising channels, and images for your social media platforms etc. 

Wedia Content Picker & Smart Crop 

When picking your assets from the DAM with the Wedia Content Picker, you can also set the focus point of the image. The focused subject will always be visible, in every browser resolution.  

Focus point Wedia Content Picker

Set the focal point of your image with the Wedia Content Picker


The focused subject will always be visible, in every browser resolution.  

Responsive images Wedia Content Picker

Resized image with the subject still in focus


The Wedia Content Picker & Background Removal

With the Content Picker, you can even take it a step further and optimize images around their focal point while also removing the background of the image. 

By removing the image’s background, you can replace it with a different background or color, and thus create multiple personalized experiences from a single master asset. By putting your subject in an entirely new environment and context, you can contextualize images to a specific audience and thus increase user engagement. 

With the Wedia Content Picker, easily offer rich, consistent and engaging customer experiences by making sure your images are always resized, optimized and impactful at every touchpoint, and for every user. 


Complex times demand intelligent tools for mastering new marketing challenges and ways of working. The Wedia solutions offer various functionalities to support global players in achieving their business goals. 

Wedia provides a SaaS solution for digital asset management and digital experience management. Our solutions are focused on the management and omnichannel distribution of media, so that companies can deliver rich and personalized customer experiences across all communication channels.


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