We are proud to help world’s top brands deploy
the best of breed Digital Asset Management experience

Wedia is the Enterprise DAM solution regularly reviewed and endorsed by the world’s leading analysts.

A cloud-based and modular software suite

that successfully supports your digital marketing transformation.

We help brands manage, share and reuse all their digital assets from a single platform.

Your benefits

Develop a Single-Source-Of-Truth (SSOT) asset library


This allows users to find the right asset faster than ever, and makes storing and organizing assets a snap, so that content can be built up and reused easily.



Produce unlimited variations from a single master


Automated rendition features makes varying content, format and definition easier, faster and more efficient.

Maximize content consistency


Users can rely on a single source of truth for any media they wish to display on mobiles, tablets or websites, ensuring better brand consistency across all teams, markets and channels.


Improve the MarCom user experience


Thanks to its user-friendly interface and awesome UX, Wedia’s DAM solution improves the MarCom user experience, saving time and effort in managing of digital assets.

Our story with Total


With 107,000 employees throughout 130 countries, TOTAL produces a vast quantity of photos and videos, both for internal users (communications advisors, marketers, etc.) and external ones (agencies, journalists, partners, etc.).


To streamline its assets management process, TOTAL chose the Digital Asset Management module from Wedia, which it was able to integrate completely into its websites.

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