Marketing Resource Management

Marketing Resource Management: a few definitions to clear things up

What is Marketing Resource Management?

Not everyone in marketing and communications is necessarily familiar with the term Marketing Resource Management (MRM). Analysts, such as Gartner or Gleanster, provide a definition of MRM and have established the scope of its activities.

Marketing Resource Management (MRM) is a series of processes and means aimed at improving a company’s ability to orchestrate and optimize its marketing and internal and external communications resources.

Using MRM allows companies to:

  • plan and budget marketing and communications campaigns and projects,
  • create and develop projects and content,
  • centralize and manage content and resources,
  • produce and disseminate content, images, and campaign collateral,
  • measure, analyze, and optimize marketing and communications resources.

And, In concrete terms?

Marketing Resource Management is a software application that handles back-end transactions through an approval workflow and business rules. MRM offers marketing and communications teams a methodical and systematic way to capture a budget, connect current campaigns to strategic initiatives, manage processes involving suppliers and agencies, and centralize collaboration on, marketing planning, and the creation of digital collateral, as well as its storage.

Wedia has several years’ expertise in MRM and can guide you in the daily management of all your marketing and communications collateral. So don’t hesitate to contact us to tell us about your projects.