Wedia Microsoft Partner of the Year 2019 ISV

Microsoft chooses Wedia as Local Country Partner of the Year!

This year, the Wedia partner Microsoft created 9 awards to recognize its best partners in France. The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards recognizes top Microsoft partners including Wedia, that have demonstrated outstanding successes, innovations, and implementation of customer solutions built on Microsoft technology during the past year. 

We are pleased to announce that Wedia has won the best French Microsoft partner of the year 2019 in the ISV (Independent Software Vendors) category. Microsoft shared this recognition with Wedia at its flagship partner event, Microsoft Inspire, in Las Vegas from July 14 to 18, 2019.

“We are more than thrilled that our work in helping our customers accelerate the digital transformation of their marketing has been recognized by Microsoft,” said Olivier Grenet, Chief Technology Officer at Wedia. “We’ve been working with them since December 2017, and we share the same vision and philosophy around managing assets, leveraging business analytics and applying AI to media. We’ve begun some exciting new co-creation projects with Microsoft and our clients, which largely focus on AI and innovation in Digital Asset Management, and are really excited to see this collaboration grow.” 

We asked Eneric Lopez, Director of AI & Developers at Microsoft France, to share his experience on Microsoft’s collaboration with Wedia and on the company’s continued developments in AI.

Interview with Eneric Lopez, MICROSOFT

Can you tell us about your role at Microsoft?

I am the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Director for Microsoft France, driving the marketing product development and the business development of everything related to AI products at Microsoft France. I’m also responsible for the AI strategic plan of the company.

This strategy is based on 4 pillars. The first pillar is about driving innovation, within our key ecosystem and that of startups and partners. The second pillar is responsible AI, creating AI solutions that reflect ethical principles, such as fairness, transparency and accountability. The third pillar is about building skill and upskill as we see the need to increase awareness, competencies in AI in the market of Developers, Data engineers, Data scientists, and even Decision Makers. The last pillar is “AI for good” – using AI to create a more sustainable and accessible world. 

What is the overall initiative of Microsoft’s AI activities, in particular the logic behind providing tools from Custom Vision to Machine Learning?

What we strive for at Microsoft France regarding AI is to find a way to democratize it. We have 9,000 engineers and researchers all over the world working on AI, in an ambition to create AI that we can infuse in our application or package and deliver to the market and help any great Microsoft partner such as Wedia or customer leverage AI in their digital transformation.

By democratize, we mean bring AI to every application, every business process and every employee. In terms of applications, that can mean providing tools to developers so that they can use already trained models, like cognitive services, but also providing sandbox and tooling for more customized models of machine learning and for more specific AI developments. In terms of processes, this concerns creating AI solutions that will accelerate business process transformation and meet both horizontal (transformation of business processes like HR, marketing, legal…) and vertical-specific (transformation within industries like health, manufacturing, automotive…) needs. 

How does Microsoft work / do co-engineering with partners, and with Wedia to go beyond the “off-the-shelf” AI services?

When we do co-development or co-engineering at Microsoft, we provide the technical architecture and consulting services to develop the most viable solution with our partner and accelerate its development.

That means we offer our partners, on top of our  AI services and tools, technical consulting or engineering resources which can help them respond to specific business needs. 

We believe that we need to work in a dynamic partner ecosystem to bring solutions to market. This is true for both horizontal or vertical business processes, as we are providing the building blocks – it is our partners that provide the out of the box solutions that will solve their customers’ business issues.  

As ISV partner, do we have specific support that could be useful to our clients?

Wedia, as a Microsoft Partner, has broad visibility on Microsoft’s roadmap and can be involved in the early stage or before general availability. We also capture the feedback of our partners for improving product development – feedback that is important for engineering purposes of our solutions and services because they include end-customer needs. 


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