Discover the new fall version of Wedia!

Wedia, new fall version

With over 100 integrated improvements and fixes, the new  version of Wedia 11.2 is the result of intense efforts by our R&D department this past summer.

Some of these changes, you’ll feel more than see – like better performance and faster page loading.

But you’ll definitely see all the other improvements!

Share images and videos with just two clicks

Sharing content or media, creating collections or selections: baskets are an essential feature every day. We’ve completely redesigned them for version 11.2. Now you can create as many baskets as you like. And, for each one, choose whether to share or keep it private.

Send a simple link via e-mail to share multiple elements while specifying their format and whether they should be accompanied by instructions or a contact sheet. There’s no longer any need for WeTransfer or similar sharing services. And you can keep track of who downloads each media element and when.

Sharing videos has never been so easy: just send a link via e-mail, choosing the suggested download format (HD, SD, etc.) and an optional expiration date for the link.

Baskets feature a whole range of functions – don’t hesitate to ask us for a customized demonstration of these new options.

Integrate videos into PowerPoint – easily!

If you’ve ever tried to integrate a video into your PowerPoint presentations, you’re doubtless aware of how volatile this software can be. Indeed, it only accepts a very specific video format for display in a slide.

But there’s good news: Wedia allows you to export videos in this precise format. It making your presentations more dynamic and compelling.

Even more responsive websites

We’ve greatly improved the essential component for managing your websites. Now it’s even easier to bring them to life – like the front office of your media library – and to turn over content quickly for dynamic and hyper-responsive websites.

With this new component, you can create event and other temporary sites with just a few clicks – so you can really keep up with trends and company developments.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how to update your solution to version 11.2.