Wedia 11.3: what’s new?

Wedia: new version 11.3

This month, the new version of Wedia focuses on user experience and, more specifically, on two areas: searches and statistics.

The internal search function has been completely reworked, relying entirely on ElasticSearch now. This technical component allows us to speed up searches to an astonishing degree, even on very large volumes of data.

Statistics can now be consulted in real time! There’s no longer any need to wait for data analysis; the most recent actions recorded are available immediately. As a result, searches, filters, plunging into analytics are all virtually instantaneous. We’ve also improved the ergonomics to allow you to isolate data on certain criteria and dimensions more precisely.

The selector for creating a project or content has been revamped completely: clearer and simpler now, it makes adding content or creating a project significantly faster than with earlier versions.


Wedia was subjected to a security audit, which led to improvements in its ability to withstand potential attacks. Moreover, the virus scan is now completely integrated to check data uploaded into Wedia.

Web-to-print: adapting content to the box?

A new option will delight wordy writers who can never seem to fit all their content into the geometric constraints of the page: adapting text to the box. By playing around with the spacing of characters and spaces, the algorithm makes room for texts that “don’t fit,” without disrupting the graphic look of the page.