Business case Coca-Cola & Wedia

Easily customize Coca-Cola POS material in the distribution network


Following several studies on the impact of POS material in retail outlets, Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) identified the media supports of indirect, independent clients (bakeries, cafes, bars and eateries) as important growth levers. Yet this media, “co-branded” by Coca-Cola and the distributor, must be customizable by the latter (menu names, referenced products, special prices etc.).


Existing processes, covering everything from customization by the distributor to sorting and mailing finished materials and managing the printing process, were complex and time-consuming. CCE, therefore, sought a solution that would support this process while making it more efficient.


A “self-service” platform open to all


Coca-Cola looked to Wedia for a scalable and sustainable solution, with an intuitive interface for non-DTP specialists, and quick and easy customizable POS material.


Wedia’s “self-service” solution, based on a simplified workflow platform, helped CCE achieve its objectives. Non-DTP specialists can directly access and customize materials and the CCE sales and marketing departments use the dashboards to track orders and manage printing, and the eventual installation of these materials.


The graphic interface and CCE color customization allows users to:

  • manage media templates,
  • customize online media,
  • create a purchase order,
  • approve final print proofs.


Stimulate sales and control costs


The benefits of this still new platform are many:

  • stimulate indirect sales by effectively highlighting brands,
  • control production costs of these materials while reducing the workload of sales and marketing teams (order management, POS visits, content creation and approval),
  • capitalize on best practices by sharing media and campaign results.

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