Business case Danone & Wedia

Equipped to produce better and faster


Danone’s Corporate Communication was organized as an internal news agency to produce its numerous digital media contents: internal sites, corporate site, thematic sites, blogs, and social networks.


To optimize the production of these contents and to finely control the editorial process, Danone wanted to equip itself with a collaborative web solution.


A collaborative solution managing the entire editorial process


In order to do this, Danone chose the editorial Wedia planning solution that allows employees of the Corporate Communication department to:

  • Plan the topics discussed in editorial conference,
  • Centralize the content produced or under development, as well as work documents necessary for the production of content,
  • Receive notifications when they have to take action to produce or validate the contents,
  • Annotate and correct the content being validated,
  • Schedule the publication of content produced on the target media,
  • Follow editorial activity through consultation of numerous statistical indicators.


The solution was very well-received by the users of France Corporate Communication and a worldwide deployment is now considered.

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