Business case Total & Wedia

Different media libraries in each branch


With 107,000 employees throughout 130 countries, Total produces a vast quantity of images (photos and videos), both for internal users (communications advisers, marketers, webmasters, etc.) and external ones (agencies, journalists, partners, etc.).


Over the past 10 years, the group’s various business units (whether dedicated to different business sectors or geographical regions) have set up their own media library solutions, which has led to the following obstacles:

  • lack of end-to-end visibility between business units,
  • impossibility of searching all of the group’s assets,
  • duplication of many assets and difficulty managing rights consistently,
  •  limited traceability of the various versions of an asset.


A single solution for the entire group, highly integrated with Total’s websites


To tackle this problem, Total decided to implement a single DAM (Digital Asset Management) solution for the entire group, with the following features:

  • a graphic interface tailored to each country and each business unit,
  • assets indexed in a master language and automatically translated via matching thesaurus terms,
  • an advanced interface with an OVP (Online Video Platform) to effectively broadcast videos around the globe,
  • close integration with internal web publishing solutions (Content Management Systems) to supply photos and videos directly to Total’s web pages:
    • ability to search the media library directly from the CMS back office
    • suggestions for new content by users of the group’s websites
    • easy incorporation of assets on web pages via “code embed”
    • increased user friendliness, with an intuitive graphic interface, advanced copyright management, and a Brand Center to complement the photo/video library.


Promising results since its launch


The initial estimated return on investment was based on direct and indirect gains, particularly as regards to the following issues:

  • time saved internally, by administrators as well as users and webmasters,
  • reduced budgets for maintaining multiple solutions,
  • decreased costs for producing or buying images due to enhanced sharing.


Thanks to the Wedia solution, with its group DAM system, Total has already achieved its threefold goal of quality – speed – savings:

  • ensuring the integrity of its digital assets and their proper use,
  • enabling users to find the assets they are looking for faster,
  • reducing costs and improving productivity.
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