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Wedia is a SaaS solution regularly reviewed and endorsed by the world’s leading analysts.

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Wedia’s Marketing Resource Management solution :

The foundational technology for data driven, agile and sustainable content marketing

Plan & Create

Manage & Share

Publish & Diffuse

Measure & Score

Wedia makes it easier for brands to create, distribute and score content across teams, channels and global markets, on a single platform

A cloud-based and modular software suite

that successfully supports your digital marketing transformation




Simplify each step of your content creation process and control what gets distributed.




Manage, share and repurpose all your digital assets (photos, logos, videos…) from a single platform.

Print & Digital



Easily localize, customize and publish material on demand across all channels from a single web interface.

Content Scoring



Get real-time content-centric analytics to learn more about your audience affinity.

Wedia allows brands to gradually implement a modern “always-on” marketing and to control the entire
lifecycle of content while ensuring it remains easy to integrate with third parties applications.

Creative Project & Content Management

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Simplify and coordinate every aspect of your collaborative creative process across teams, partners and publication channels.


Plan, organize and monitor your brand’s content marketing

Make creative and collaborative projects' creation easier and faster

Control content and asset publication across digital & traditional channels

Follow content performance to create new assets based on best practices


Editorial planning & task management

Collaborative workflows for the production of content and assets

Content scheduling by vertical, personal, region

Social and multi-channel connectors

Digital Asset Management

Globally build up, manage, adapt, share and reuse your digital assets from a single platform.


Develop a Single-Source-Of-Truth asset library

Produce unlimited variations from a single master asset

Maximize content consistency

Improve the MarCom user experience


Indexing and advanced searches

Authorizations by asset, brand, channel

Automated rendering of multimedia content

Advanced distribution features (API, CMS, connectors, CDN, etc.)

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Print & Digital Publishing

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Easily create, localize and customize your marketing material for print and digital channels from a single web interface.


Create marketing material from branded and validated templates

Guarantee brand consistency

Control the localization and adaptation of your assets

Reduce operating costs


Template library (web, email, print)

Content editor or existing content's drag and drop

Creative and approval workflows between in-house and external teams

Storefront for localizing and ordering collateral from local subsidiaries, retailers, partners

Content Scoring Management

Consolidate real-time content-centric analytics and optimize your strategy by understanding what resonates with your audience and why.


Identify content with the greatest impact

Score the performance of each item of content

Leverage real-time analytics to identify and act on top-performing content

Keep MarCom users focused on the most valuable and relevant content


Aggregation and consolidation of third-party analytics

Performance measurement dashboard

KPI and custom-measurement abilities

Data-driven decision tools

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