About Wedia


Our vision


Content is becoming a business accelerator


With the advent of digital, mobile and social networks, the customer experience (current and prospective users) has become decisive. Brands have become media and valuable content has become the key to success. Yet the volume, rhythm and diversity of formats are such that traditional methods and tools have reached their limits.


As a result, marketing and communications teams need to tackle two challenges simultaneously: restoring complete control over the production, organization and dissemination of their content, and consolidating the scoring of each item of content in order to make good decisions and to optimize the impact of their actions.

Our mission


Accelerating the digital transformation of marketing


Our mission is to accelerate the digital transformation of marketing by integrate the best innovations at the heart of the most reliable, high-performance and user-friendly tool.


And, on a daily basis, to make it easier for marketing and communications teams to produce, organize and disseminate good content that creates amazing experiences and contributes to their business success – in other words, content that resonate with the audience


Wedia Marketing Resource Management solution is the foundational technology
for data-driven, agile and sustainable content marketing.


Our positioning


Wedia makes content creation, distribution and scoring easier for brands. Across teams, channels and global markets. And all on a single platform.


As a cloud-based and modular software suite that successfully supports each step of your digital marketing transformation, Wedia enables brands to gradually deploy a modern “always-on” marketing approach – allowing them to control the entire lifecycle of content while preserving agility of integration upstream and downstream.

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  • Efficiency

  • Commitment

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