The challenge


Brands face one major challenge: regaining full control of the management, organization and distribution of their content while embracing the rapid pace of digital marketing transformation. In today’s fast-moving world, driven by the advent of digital, mobile and social networks, the quantity of assets and variety of formats that marketing and communications teams have to manage and produce has skyrocketed.


At the same time, many organizations are continuing to work with traditional methods & tools to manage their digital assets, making it particularly difficult to store, search, find and share the specific assets they need. Inevitably, outdated asset management solutions lead to reduced performance, lower efficiency and a lack of ease and autonomy for users.

Our solution

Wedia’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) module has been designed with one simple idea in mind: be a central hub for all media, making it easy to manage millions of assets across teams, channels and markets every day.


Wedia worked hard on User Interface and User eXperience that ensures that any user can find any asset precisely, quickly and with as few clicks as possible. With our Digital Asset Management module, you can share assets using a single link, integrate them into what you publish online, connect Microsoft PowerPoint to the DAM so you can simply drag and drop media into your presentation, and so on.


Designed for companies that want precise control over their assets, Wedia’s Digital Asset Management module makes it possible to customize approval workflows, prevent license misuse and ensure that all content published is tracked and recorded.


Run as SaaS (software as a service), the cloud-native and full-web technology of Wedia’s Digital Asset Management module doesn’t need to be installed on a client or administrator’s computer, making it quick and easy to use on both a local and global scale.

We help brands manage, share and reuse all their digital assets from a single platform.

Your benefits

Develop a Single-Source-Of-Truth (SSOT) asset library


This allows users to find the right asset faster than ever, and makes storing and organizing assets a snap, so that content can be built up and reused easily.



Produce unlimited variations from a single master


Automated rendition features makes varying content, format and definition easier, faster and more efficient.

Maximize content consistency


Users can rely on a single source of truth for any media they wish to display on mobiles, tablets or websites, ensuring better brand consistency across all teams, markets and channels.


Improve the MarCom user experience


Thanks to its user-friendly interface and awesome UX, Wedia’s DAM solution improves the MarCom user experience, saving time and effort in managing of digital assets.

Our story with Total


With 107,000 employees throughout 130 countries, TOTAL produces a vast quantity of photos and videos, both for internal users (communications advisors, marketers, etc.) and external ones (agencies, journalists, partners, etc.).


To streamline its assets management process, TOTAL chose the Digital Asset Management module from Wedia, which it was able to integrate completely into its websites.

Key Features

  • FULL TEXT SEARCH: Elasticsearch-based full text search


  • EASY TO ADMINISTER TAXONOMIES: Create flat or hierarchical taxonomies


  • INTUITIVE FILTER BUILDER: Users build filters simply by clicking on tags


  • FACETED SEARCH: State-of-the-art faceted search


  • DOCUMENT TEXT SEARCH: Search PDF, Office files or InDesign text content


  • THESAURUS MANAGEMENT: Librarian-checked thesaurus and controlled vocabulary


  • SAVED SEARCHES: Save and replay frequently used search requests


  • ASK FOR ASSISTANCE: Ask a trained librarian to help with a specific search


  • SEARCH-EQUATION BUILDER: Guided simple search-equation builder
  • 300+ SUPPORTED MEDIA FORMATS: Wedia ingests native image, document, video and HTML5 formats.


  • SIMPLE DRAG-AND-DROP UPLOAD: Drag and drop multiple files from your computer desktop to upload them


  • FTP AND WEBDAV BULK UPLOAD: Mass upload your media using FTP and WebDAV connections


  • AUTOMATIC VIDEO CONVERSION: Automatically convert video to web, PowerPoint, HD and SD formats during upload


  • METADATA INFORMATION RETRIEVAL: Scan and automatically retrieve IPTC, EXIF metadata


  • QUICK MEDIA INDEXATION: Dedicated interface for mass media indexation


  • SEND MEDIA VIA E-MAIL: Send your media to a dedicated e-mail address for automatic ingestion


  • WAITING ROOM FOR ASSETS: Uploaded assets wait for approval and indexation before becoming part of the DAM


  • PHOTOSHOP FILE UPLOAD: Adobe Photoshop file support, including clipping path


  • MULTIPAGE PDF FILE SUPPORT: Insert and preview multipage PDFs, extract text content from PDF


  • MICROSOFT POWERPOINT FILE SUPPORT: Preview PowerPoint documents, extract and index text content


  • MICROSOFT WORD FILE SUPPORT: Microsoft Word file uploading, first-page previews and content indexing


  • UPLOAD ZIPPED PACKAGES: Choose to keep the archive as a single file, or unzip and upload files


  • ADOBE INDESIGN FILE SUPPORT: Upload packages, preview and extract text content from Adobe InDesign


  • QUARK XPRESS SUPPORT: Preview and extract QuarkXPress content
  • MULTIPLE FILE VERSIONS: Version control built into Wedia


  • ASSET TIMELINE: Track who modified an asset and when


  • ASSET WORKFLOW: Define and apply workflows to your assets
  • SECURE USER LOGIN: Connect with your authentication system and with our built-in user base


  • USER SINGLE SIGN ON: Set up Wedia to login automatically through your SSO infrastructure


  • PASSWORD MANAGEMENT: Define strong password creation rules, a reuse policy and lock-up after failed attempts


  • ENCRYPTED CONNECTION: Use a secure encrypted https connection


  • IP BLOCKING AND FILTERING: Define a white list of authorized IPs


  • ACCREDITATION WORKFLOW: Define a user validation workflow
  • SHARE VIA A SIMPLE LINK: Create and send many assets through a simple web link


  • CUSTOM DOWNLOAD FORMATS: Share your image in a high- or low-res version


  • CONTACT SHEET BUILDER: Send a PDF with thumbnails of selected media


  • CREATE SHAREABLE SELECTIONS: Share your selections within and beyond your organization


  • SET EXPIRATION DATES: Allow sharing for a limited amount of time only


  • TRACK DOWNLOADED ASSETS: Know who downloaded each asset
  • INSERT YOUR MEDIA INTO WEBSITES: Connect with your CMS to display your media on your websites


  • DRAG AND DROP INSIDE POWERPOINT: Use our extension to browse your DAM inside PowerPoint


  • CONNECT WITH ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD: Use our extension to browse your DAM inside Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign


  • DISTRIBUTE IMAGES WITH OUR CDN: Use our Content Delivery Network (CDN) to distribute images and videos


  • DISTRIBUTE RETINA DISPLAY IMAGES: Send users the proper image resolution


  • REMOVE EXPIRED MEDIA: Replace expired media by a 1×1 pixel image on your web pages
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