RFP Digital Asset Management

Request for Proposal Template for Digital Asset Management Projects

If you are preparing or are in the process of conducting a DAM tender, this document is for you!

RFP Digital Asset Management

This template is built as a model from which you can largely draw inspiration. It includes the best practices of the very varied invitations to tender that we receive each year from our prospects and customers.

It is the guarantee to give your providers the right level of information about your needs, in order to receive quality and competitive answers from them!

Inside the guide, you'll find:

  1. Presentation of your company
  2. Expectations and objectives of your DAM project
  3. Expected ROI
  4. Call for tenders process
  5. Description of the desired solution: general principles, asset life cycle, functional description, hosting/SLA, support and more
  6. Project organization: methodology, team, change management
  7. After the project
  8. Financial proposal

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