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Wedia Corporate Social Responsibility

The Wedia Group is fully aware of its social responsibilities and wishes to encourage, promote, and disseminate values based on diversity, parity, equal treatment for equal work and experience, group cohesion, solidarity, inclusion, freedom of expression and responsibility.

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At Wedia, we are committed to:

  • Making a positive contribution to environmental change through sustainable actions that respond to the changing world around us.
  • Meeting the challenges and criteria that our clients are looking for in terms of ESG (Environmental Social Governance) through our product and organizational setup.
  • Anticipating as best we can new regulatory changes and adapting quickly and responsibly in line with these.
  • Informing, educating and sharing knowledge with our stakeholders and current and future clients. We do this through tailored meetings with our clients, speaking opportunities at events and through our carefully crafted communication materials.
  • Building a DAM solution that promotes digital sobriety.
Wedia Corporate Social Responsibility
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Environmental responsibility

  • Making sustainability an intrinsic part of our product – through duplicate removal, image compression, scoring measures, etc...
  • Decommissioning servers which are not being used and using those in use only when needed.
  • Making digital sobriety a major area of communication between ourselves and our customers and partners.
  • Focusing on an eco-design-based approach to our product, which means taking environmental issues into account right from the design phase.
  • Choosing equipment and resources that limit carbon impact.
  • Striving to continually improve our day-to-day environmental behavior through such actions as waste management and ecological education throughout the company.
  • Engaging in programmes which support environmental initiatives such as Reforest’Action
Environmental Responsibility


We are convinced that marketing can combine "efficiency" with "sustainability".

We are constantly innovating to develop solutions to manage the complexity and explosion of content, but we are also committed to taking into account societal issues, and in particular the protection of the environment. In this context, we have initiated several projects around the conception and development of our products and also the assistance and implication of our clients. We are committed to helping our customers reduce their volume of content through our solutions and our expertise. In addition, we want to continue to involve our customers in very specific environmental initiatives, such as our "Reforest’Action with Wedia" campaign.

Reforest’Action with Wedia: 1GB stored in DAM = 25 trees to our clients

We have decided to contribute to the environment by restoring forests, and by offering each of our customers as many trees as their storage volume in their Wedia solution.

Wedia & Reforest'Action
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The Reforest'Action initiative in numbers:
  • 12,154 trees planted by Wedia since the launch of the campaign
  • 1,823 tons of CO2 stored
  • 36,462 animal shelters created
  • 48,616 months of oxygen generated
  • 12,154 hours of work created

Ecovadis Label

Wedia is proud to have achieved the 2023 Ecovadis Sustainability Rating in Bronze.

This label recognizes an ongoing commitment by Wedia to reduce our environmental footprint through our activities, both internally and externally as well as through the inclusion and diversity that we promote throughout our company.

Find out more about the Ecovadis Sustainability Rating
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Social responsibility

Wedia works to take meaningful steps to support positive change for the environment. We do this through:

Social responsibility
  • Promoting gender equality by ensuring a balanced recruitment process without practicing positive discrimination.
  • Applying a remuneration policy that is clear, transparent and fair in terms of the treatment of employees within each Group entity, with no pay discrimination based on equal skills and seniority.
  • Allowing and encouraging employees to benefit from training programs and to regularly update their skills in line with changes to the business.
  • Championing cohesion and solidarity throughout the company by promoting inclusive working methods and social events.
  • Maintaining a comfortable work-life balance through careful workload management and a remote to in office working model.

Governance responsibility

Wedia aims to place CSR at the heart of our company through a defined structure and strategy.

  • Our CSR commitments are shared with Wedia Group employees and are subject to consistent review to ensure commitments are being met.
  • A steering committee meets every quarter to review current and future actions, adjust priorities and report on the correct application of CSR commitments.
Governance responsibility

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