We address the complexity of global organizations. All while keeping our pricing plans simple.

250+ clients. Millions of digital assets stored. Billions of visuals distributed. And yet, consistently simple pricing. Wedia offers transparent costs, no hidden fees, premium customer success and regular product updates.

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Find the the offer that matches your enterprise expectations. Our aim is to exceed them. Here is a first glimpse of the three main offers that we can adjust to the complexity of any organization.
And we hope it'll be yours.

Media Delivery & Digital Experience

Media Delivery
& Digital Experience

Deliver relevant customer experiences, identify the most engaging content and enhance the user experience.

Modern, Best-in-Class SaaS Platform


A modern, modular, high-performance platform that is easy to integrate.

The architecture of Wedia is MACH-based: Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, SaaS and Headless…


Container-based deployment model

Each client data is kept into a secure, non-shared container, ensuring security and data privacy.


Best in class cloud infrastructure

Wedia relies on Amazon Web Services architecture, with most of its computing being serverless for scalability and resilience.



Protecting personal data is paramount at Wedia, and we implement and improve safeguards like encryption, anonymization and security processes.


ISO 27001
and Tisax

We transparently submit our quality and security processes to external auditors that grant us verifiable, auditable certifications.

Société Générale
Harley Davidson
Total Energies
Thanks to the PixL solution proposed by Wedia, we are able to centralize and distribute all of the company's media, to all of our employees and across our entire IT ecosystem.

Antoine Massy


Digital Asset Management Project Manager

Thanks to the PixL solution proposed by Wedia, we are able to centralize and distribute all of the company's media, to all of our employees and across our entire IT ecosystem.

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Wedia is dedicated to the long-term success of your DAM project. We won’t let you go at it alone. Your dedicated Key Account Manager makes sure that you’re heading in the right direction at every stage of your DAM journey.

From conception and scope of your DAM project, Wedia is committed to seeing you achieving your next business goal.Once live, count on Wedia’s support and high-standard Service Level Agreements to help guide you through any questions you come across.

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Frequently asked

Your price list for media delivery seems complex, how can I estimate my budget?

In fact, with some explanations, it's very straightforward:

  1. You need to estimate the web traffic of your sites: how many distributed assets per page, how many pages viewed per month? We can also help with tools like SimilarWeb.
  2. Our model depends on the number of media distributed, not on their technical weight in MB. It's much more predictable.
  3. By buying credits, you can distribute videos, photos or documents, all on the same budget.

The media delivery entry price is reasonable, it's also possible to start small and progressively grow.

Ouch, I'm afraid I may distribute too many assets per month, how can I be sure that I won't go over my budget?

Don't worry, this has never happened to our clients:

  1. This budget depends directly on your traffic, which you already monitor.
  2. We provide real-time analytics that allow you to monitor consumption, and the minimum count is monthly.
  3. For Sales: in case you need a defensive commercial answer: renegotiation clause.

We can help you simulate your budget, and then it will be closely monitored. Do not forget more budget is also a sign of more success and more ROI!

A player for videos Ok, but a player for pictures, my webmasters will never agree.

It's possible to distribute images without a Player. However, Image players can be very handy:

  1. With image players, you can add functionalities (zoom, browse, social sharing, ...)
  2. With image players, you can create specific user experiences (playlist including images, pdfs, videos)
  3. Analytics are meaningful: how many end-users zoomed this image, shared it, etc.)

Image players can be a big plus for user experience, and for your own analytics.

My webmasters and CM want to manage the binaries themselves, they optimize them...

Using our DAM best abilities, we do create all the useful binary variations of an asset.

  1. We can create as many formats as necessary.
  2. That's the only way to guarantee SSOT (Single Source of Truth), and to avoid duplicating media, miss updates, end-of-rights dates...
  3. We automatically adapt the formats to the context: no need to do it anymore.
  4. This will also avoid dealing with different players, since they can be embedded thanks to our DXM.

Your Webmasters and Community Managers can focus on content instead of technical variations.

Can I have access to your APIs to develop a Content Picker on my own?

Indeed, our Content Picker is 100% based on our powerful APIs, but so is our DAM, and would you develop a DAM?

  1. We've already done this development work and it's packaged.
  2. It's not that simple... we as an editor are used to dealing with these complex features (result list, cropping, etc.), and make them easy to use for end-users.
  3. We'll have a better backwards compatibility and the versions can also evolve and bring more features in time (software editor DNA!)

Content Picker is a subset of the DAM, it's a complex development designed to hide its own complexity!

Why do I have to pay for Wedia Professional Services unlike most entry level solutions?

The approach for most SaaS providers is to provide you with a system that has preconfigured roles, rights and workflows based on industry standards, and that these can be configured to meet your needs. By the time you figure out that your system requires customization beyond the “standard configuration,” it’s too late, as you are already committed to the solution.Wedia takes a different approachWhile we know that solutions look similar in terms of roles, rights and workflows, we know the devil is in the details. Each client has a confluence of unique requirements that don’t fit into even the most flexible of “out of the box” solutions. That may be why Wedia’s clients stay with us more than twice the industry average (12 years in an avarage instead of 7 years for the industry)Step 2: We’re together every step of the wayAs Wedia configures your system leveraging an agile approach, you will see the progress in regular 3-4 week intervals. These reviews will allow you to confirm the functionality is “as expected,” make changes, or reprioritize. In short, you stay in control at each step of the setup.

How long do the trainings typically take?

Wedia’s Professional Services team is there to ensure a smooth launch. Our team will create training materials (videos or explicit) and train your internal team on how to manage solution in a workshop setting that lasts about 1 day.
There are three primary benefits to Wedia’s agile methodology:
1. Efficient, Effective and Timely: For most organizations, team members do not have the time to take on the additional responsibility to configure a system they are not familiar with. Our POV:
a. We understand our solution better than you do.
b. We have implemented for hundreds of clients, hence, we’re more efficient and effective.
c. We know how long it takes to set up a solution based on your user story. We’ll schedule and deliver what you need, when you need it.
2. Total Cost of Ownership: Additionally, if you add the cost of your team implementing a solution they don’t know, that cost needs to be added into the total cost of ownership.
3. Remove the Hidden cost: Because we have estimated the implementation cost based on approved user stories, and we are experienced in implementation, hence, scope creep is and additional costs are minimized.