Empower your sales channels with Distributed Marketing

Enable sales teams, regional entities, partners, dealers and franchises to localize content whilst maintaining brand consistency, legal compliance and costs.

Distributed Marketing empowers your brand

Distributed marketing allows people from across your company to access the same materials, adapted to their individual market.

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Thanks to the pre-branded templates which you build and approve, your local sales or marketing teams and franchises can have access to materials which can be easily modified on a global or local scale.

This means that the content and promotional materials that you are distributing are able to perfectly reflect your brand and your colleagues in different locations are easily able to take branded templates and edit them depending on their market or language.

In this way, corporate marketing teams offer teams based in regional locations the flexibility they require to manage their promotional materials. Local entities can as such change certain areas of a template, whilst preserving the logos, colors and fonts that are required to maintain brand consistency.

How does Distributed Marketing help "glo-cal" organizations?

  • Global marketing teams can distribute branded templates and guidelines to local entities
  • Marketing content can be shared with a company’s network of retailers
  • Marketing is optimized for franchises and points of sale
  • Marketing communication is enhanced for local sales teams

The power of Distributed Marketing

Easily build your templates

Distributed Marketing gives you the flexibility and freedom to create a large range of marketing materials that are customized to your brand's image.

Adjust dimensions and set limits for what parts of the templates can be edited, ensuring compliance to brand guidelines and legal notices.

With an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, users can drag and drop images and photos and add them quickly and smoothly to dedicated folders, accessible for international teams. What's more, marketing materials can be updated automatically with product information from your centralized sources.

Web-to-Print is easier than ever

Thanks to an intuitive interface, preloaded templates can be adapted to change contact details, addresses or headlines. Local teams can therefore quickly modify branded resources and get them print-ready in record time.

Save time sending your brochures, flyers and signage to printers across the world by having them print ready from within your DAM environment.

How do you get your marketing materials print ready?

Creation of templates

  • Build templates with InDesign, which integrates your DAM assets
  • Upload your templates into your branded DAM environment where they become smart, online templates
  • Add templates to the approval workflow
  • Create approved, ready-to-use templates for your organization

Document personalization

  • Your team choses a template from your library of pre-approved resources
  • The template is adapted in line with the zone that can be edited (including changing language or customized images).
  • An instant preview is available
  • The layout is achieved by drag and drop from the DAM platform
  • The template enters into an approval workflow in order to be signed off for external use

Final document distribution

  • Approved templates are sent to printers or distributed via email

E-mail publishing features are not forgotten

  • The Distributed Marketing product also allows you to prepare an e-mailing project by creating your templates, which are converted into HTML within the DAM environment, allowing them to be easily editable.
  • After approval, the DAM system gives the chance to analysis the conformity of the HTML code and lets you preview your template in different sizes and formats

Sales guide across your company

For franchises, maintaining the image of the brand is crucial to their success. In order to be profitable, they must maintain the company’s reputation and work to ensure consistency across all channels, both physical and digital. 

This is why central marketing teams must work to ensure brand guidelines are clearly set and easily adaptable by retail franchises or local entities. 

Distributing a set of guidelines across the organization is vital for a coherent image and ensuring that no matter the language or market, materials can be adapted whilst still adhering to the overall image and reputation of the brand.

One brand across multiple channels

It’s no secret that brands are finding it harder to work to attract and retain customers now that they must maintain a physical and digital presence, within a sea of other competing brands. 

The Distributed Marketing feature of Wedia’s DAM makes it easier than ever to create coherence across your various channels, whether it’s social media, your website or paid acquisition. By establishing a set of templates by channel no matter the team that is publishing content, you can rest assured that what they post will be on brand and perfectly suited for the channel and your audience. 

Distributed Marketing

What are the benefits of using a dedicated solution for optimal distributed marketing?

Reduce time and costs

Speed up the time it takes to get your promotional materials ready by easily editing and approving them within the DAM environment. Cut down on the agency or creative fees needed to make small changes to your documents.

Whether it's for print or email needs, branded templates are available and can be easily sent to different teams, agencies or stakeholders.

Adapted content for your audience

Your audience is now looking for content that is unique to them. This means that you are not publishing the same content for each of your channels, markets or locations. Content must be harmonious but tweaked depending on who you are targeting and where you are publishing it. 

This means allowing local teams to adjust templates depending on their market, as ultimately they have a key understanding of their specific audience. Allowing adjustments to be made to your marketing materials means you uphold your brand guidelines but create a more personalized experience for your audience. 

Legal compliance

Don’t get bogged down by having to have your materials constantly approved by your legal department. Instead, create standardized templates that have been signed off and checked for legal conformity.

This means your teams will be able to pick and choose their templates, safe in the knowledge that they have the right legal notices and comply with your brand’s guidelines. 

Collaboration is key

Working within an international environment means sharing information between cultures, languages and markets. This isn’t always easy but with the Distributed Marketing feature of Wedia’s DAM, your communication channels are enhanced.

Instead of a constant top-down approach from central marketing teams, local teams have the ability to make their own changes to documents and materials. 

Interconnection with the DAM module

To make the most efficient use of your assets, Wedia embeds a multimedia library which matches the DAM according to your specifications.

Depending on the user rights, it allows you to search, select and deposit photos, articles, and text into the document

Distributed Marketing features

Expect more from Wedia's DAM software with Distributed Marketing.

Local/ global approval workflow

Review local marketing material and approve in regard to brand guidelines


For large global companies, content creation process must be effortless


Consistent marketing campaigns across markets and channels

Adoption: from change management to process execution

Introducing Distributed Marketing into your organization is a process which will take time, but one that will be supported by the team at Wedia.

Once your company has received the adequate training, information and resources, employees will be empowered enough to start using our suite to support their day-to-day activities. The move towards change management within your organization is one that Wedia follows closely, making sure that change happens smoothly and users that have access to the DAM have the necessary resources and information to get everything they need out of their DAM solution.

Once change management has happened within your organization, awareness will be raised and users will feel comfortable using DAM to enhance their processes and ways of working.

At Wedia, we work to ensure change management happens seamlessly, going from adoption of the tool to the ordered integration of a DAM into the daily lives of users. Understanding the end goal and the intended usage of a DAM solution is part of Wedia’s strengths, a process which is defined alongside our clients.

Wedia’s DAM: a solution you can trust

An established DAM player since 2010, Wedia Group operates on an international scope, having established itself as a leader in SaaS software and consulting relevant to marketing and communication.

Wedia helps clients manage the complexity of their digital assets and support their business objectives, in terms of both sales and brand awareness.

Based on over 10 years of development, Wedia integrates changing technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence into a DAM solution which is capable of storing large volumes of content and responding to the changing needs of large, international companies.

Performance marketing

Performance marketing teams want to make sure that they can easily find, share and reuse the right content for all of their campaigns. Now, you can bring decentralized teams across multiple locations together and make finding the perfect asset a simple affair.

Brand specialists and CMOs

As a brand specialist or Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) you require a tool that makes finding your assets easier than ever, as well as providing a Single Source of Truth for your entire MarTech stack.


Managing the current MarTech stack can be problematic for IT teams. With DAM, your stack integrates seamlessly into the solution, providing a one-stop system for managing various software.

Creative and UX Teams

Focusing on creativity is key for Creative and UX teams but they can become bogged down by recurring demands for asset production, based on small adjustments and alterations. It's time to put a stop to that.

Product manager

For e-Merchandising Product Managers, distributing the right set of packshots across different e-Commerce channels can prove time-consuming and even lead to errors. With clever analytics and SSOT integration, the customer becomes king.

DAM solutions come in all shapes and sizes, from off-the-shelf to custom built solutions, and simple media libraries to advanced asset storage, there are many to choose from.

Wedia provides a fully-rounded DAM solution, focused on innovation, reliability and performance. With high-performance, adaptive media delivery in digital operations, content delivery and analytics, along with in-house DAM expertise, Wedia prides itself on delivering more than a storage solution but a true customer experience tool.

Trusted by prestigious companies such as Decathlon, Royal Canin and Sephora, Wedia has been recognized by Gartner and Forrester as a leader in DAM solutions.

With innovation at its core, Wedia works to be one-step ahead of the needs of clients, providing a DAM solution which suits the way of working of today and tomorrow. Therefore, Wedia emphasises the importance of core features that power how its DAM solution is used, making it as intuitive and agile as possible, particularly in the face of digital transformation. With technology advances being made every day and the need for businesses to multitask and move faster, the future transformation of DAM sit at the heart of Wedia’s preoccupations.

What does the future of DAM look like?

DAM has found its place in companies’ MarTech stacks and in the lives of marketing professionals. The use of DAM has happened overtime and come from the increasing use of digital assets and the need for multiple stakeholders to access shared media.

As innovation and technological advances continue to shape the future of marketing and communication activity, what does the future of DAM look like?

With AI technology heavily impacting digital asset creation, the future of DAM looks set to change. Wedia’s DAM has an integrated Generative-AI tool, which allows assets to be generated based on text prompts. This allows marketers and users to create assets which don’t exist within their library. Combining Gen-AI with the ability to store, distribute and track media assets is a way to further enhance the management of media like videos, images and social media posts. With AI set to alter the way content is created, DAM is likely to evolve in order to keep up with the changing media landscape. At Wedia, thanks to our agile nature, our DAM evolves with you and the changes taking place now and in the future.

Building the future together

#FutureDAM is a community that brings together users and specialists of Digital Asset Management (DAM). The idea is to share the innovations, changes and ideas that will shape the future of DAM.

From artificial intelligence (AI) to User Generated Content (UGC), #FutureDAM is a way of fabricating the way that we use and will use DAM.

By being part of the #FutureDAM community, you’ll have access to exclusive meetings to stay up to date with the latest news and trends, as well as content such as webinars, demonstrations and tutorials. There will also be the chance to have one-to-one appointments with specialists from the business.

Shape the future together by being part of #FutureDAM.

Frequently asked

How can I add my media assets to my editable templates?

Wedia’s DAM allows you to search, select and deposit your media assets from directly within the DAM in order to drag and drop them into your templates.

What kind of image formats are recognized?

All image formats are recognized (especially .EPS, .PSD, .AI, etc.). Images can be previewed within the document that is being edited.

Are there any kind of analytics that I can view for Web-to-Print?

A dashboard for Web-to-Print is available in order to give you a clear overview and understanding of your Web-to-Print users.

How does Wedia DAM integrate with Microsoft and Adobe suites?

Your documents can be fully prepared in Adobe or Word suites. A Wedia plugin allows you to take assets directly from the DAM environment and add them to your templates.

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