Reforestation - our engagements for the environment as Digital Asset Management provider

30 Jan


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Lynn Klemke




Reforestation - our engagements for the environment as Digital Asset Management provider
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In recent years, a growing number of individuals and companies have realized the urgency to act now in order to protect our environment or at least avoid a quick degradation. As a software provider, we are aware that our activities have an impact on the environment. For this reason, it is crucial for us to reduce this impact, to raise awareness (among our employees and clients) and to give something back to nature.

For this reason, for the second year in a row, we have carried out the “Reforestation with Wedia” programme in France and Guinea. Read on to learn all about this campaign and our other environmental engagements and actions!

At Wedia, we are convinced that marketing can combine "efficiency" with "sustainability".

We are constantly innovating to develop solutions to manage the complexity and explosion of content, but we are also committed to taking into account societal issues, and in particular the protection of the environment. In this context, we have initiated several projects around the conception and development of our products and also the assistance and implication of our clients. We are committed to helping our customers reduce their volume of content through our solutions and our expertise. In addition, we want to continue to involve our customers in very specific environmental initiatives, such as our "Reforestation with Wedia" campaign.

Reforestation with Wedia : 1 GB stored in DAM = 25 trees to our clients

We have decided to contribute to the environment by restoring forests, and by offering each of our customers as many trees as their storage volume in their Wedia solution.

We know that one tree stores approximately 150 kg of CO2 throughout its life, and that each GB is equivalent to 1.25 kg of CO2 per year. We have therefore decided to offer our customers the number of trees that are necessary for offsetting the carbon footprint related to the individual storage of their media, with a min. of 25 trees offered. Together with Reforest'Action, we have set up two reforestation projects: one in France and another one in Guinea. In France, the planted trees will now restore degraded forest areas caused by natural disasters, fires and diseases, and rehabilitate forests affected by diseases, as well as agricultural and industrial wastelands. In Guinea, the aim is to set in place new forests that will help fight against climate change by their carbon storage, and contribute to nature’s biodiversity, water purification and soil maintenance.

Since planting trees provides a number of environmental and social advantages, we have decided that we will maintain our reforestation project and continue to plant trees for our clients each year.

What else? Our other environmental engagements

Long before our tree campaign, Wedia set in place other concrete actions in order to take our responsibilities in regard to environmental issues seriously. For us, it is evident to question the meaning of our activities beyond their commercial function. Logically, the improvement and development of our products come first in this matter. This is why, release after release, we offer solutions focused on measuring the efficiency of content and the resulting digital sobriety (reduction of storage volumes, bandwidth, servers, etc.). In addition to that, we advise our customers on how to make the use of their marketing solutions as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. If a customer wants, for example, to do a Digital Spring Cleaning of their DAM solution we can help them with tips on how to declutter their media, taxonomy design, metadata, security and user rights.

Obviously, the topic of ecology is much more complex and there are many more adjustments you can make to your way of working in order to progress in this area. Using a Digital Asset Management system is a good start to develop your company’s digital transformation while being resource efficient: working with a unique media repository can help you streamline and optimize your workflows and favor remote work which are all beneficial for the environment. And last but not least, thanks to a DAM solution you have the opportunity to measure the performance of your media, and analyze usage and DAM activity in order to make smart, resource efficient decisions in the long run.

The Reforest'Action initiative in numbers

  • 12,154 trees planted by Wedia since the launch of the campaign
  • 1,823.1 tons of CO2 stored
  • 36,462 animal shelters created
  • 48,616 months of oxygen generated
  • 12,154 hours of work created

Wedia offers a Digital Asset Management SaaS solution that is backed up by the services of our experts (advice, integration, support, etc.) and dedicated to an efficient management and omnichannel distribution of marketing media to enable companies to use and diffuse their media in the most resourceful way.

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