Post-COVID marketing digital and business strategy

Prepare your post-COVID marketing strategy thanks to Digital Asset Management

What is going to happen when the pandemic is over? When entering the post-COVID-19 era, you want to come in with a plan. Discover now why Digital Asset Management is your best ally to set up a post-COVID marketing strategy by preparing your employees, meeting your customers expectations and assuring business continuity.  

More than a year ago, our private and professional lives changed profoundly due to COVID-19. With several lockdowns behind and still a way to go ahead of us, we can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to the vaccine rollout, we know that the health situation will improve, with 71% of consumers stating that they are willing to get vaccinated (Gartner) although they are not eager to return to their pre-pandemic habits. This period of waiting might feel passive to you, but the good news is that you should take action today to prepare your business for the post-COVID marketing era. When looking for the right tools to accompany your digital strategy of tomorrow, Digital Asset Management can make a huge impact on your company and the difference to stay ahead of your competitors. Let’s take a closer look on three key benefits for post-COVID marketing organisation : 

Increased productivity in post-COVID remote work thanks to DAM

You heard it before: Working remotely is the new norm. Formerly mostly reserved to start-ups or self-employed workers, remote work has become mainstream. Although this phenomenon did not come by choice, experts are sure that it is going to stay.  According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, less than one in five executives wants to return fulltime to the office as it was pre-pandemic. 

At least a hybrid model alternating between working from the office and from home seems to be the most realistic scenario. The study also found out that companies who adapted quickly, by providing new technologies and tools to their employees, were those who could significantly increase their productivity: more than 52% of employees say that they are more efficient working remotely when equipped with the right instruments. 

This is where Digital Asset Management comes into play: A DAM solution offers you a central hub which allows employees to collaborate easily no matter where they’re physically located and with their professionnel devices. Problems like a low bandwidth or limited access to servers due to unresolved technical issues? Digital Asset Management is taking care of this. Furthermore, finding assets becomes much easier thanks to advanced search functions and artificial intelligence for metadata enrichment. You can also say Goodbye to asset misuse, duplicated or wasted work and compliance questions. The results are streamlined workflows, better productivity and tracking. All of which will boost your business performance and ultimately your sales.

Serve your customers needs by leveling up your post-COVID marketing strategy

Not only have your employees’ requirements changed but also those of your customers. It is no secret that e-commerce has experienced a huge growth. Worldwide, 49% of customers state that they are now shopping online more than they did pre-COVID (Bazaarvoice). Retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 4.28 trillion (!) dollars in 2020 and it is predicted to grow to 5.4 trillion dollars by 2022 (Statista), with 89% of European consumers saying that they will maintain a high-frequency of online shopping post-COVID according to DS Smith

So, if you made 2020 about adopting an e-commerce strategy – great (and if you didn’t, we highly recommend you to read our ebook DAM for e-commerce), but you can not allow yourself to stop here. What companies need to figure out now are the needs and behaviours of the post-COVID persona who isn’t satisfied with “only an online store”anymore. Nowadays, customers prefer a growing number of channels to engage and shop on. A DAM solution enables your team to use the best file and most suitable digital content format for each channel and therefore helps you to tackle your omnichannel management. Moreover, when the DAM is combined with a Digital eXperience Management module, you are able to contextualize and personalize content based on customer behavior through all the targeted channels.

Speaking of channels: Not surprisingly, social media use has seen a significant increase with people having more time to spend indoors on their devices and a rising desire to connect online…with family, friends and their favourite brands. There is no doubt that you need to expand your presence in the social media world to reach your customers exactly where they are. The main challenge here is brand consistency. If your followers are clear on who you are, know what to expect and like you, you have “successfully branded” an impression through repetition and consistency through your brand visuals. Digital Asset Management helps you respect guidelines by controlling your assets with built-in revision control, asset repurposing and approval processes.

Establish business continuity and be prepared for the future

The sudden hit of COVID-19 underlined companies’ need to be prepared for the unexpected. As stressed before, the pandemic has definitely accelerated the necessity for business digitization. Marketing teams using Digital Asset Management were better prepared for tumultuous times due to digital, centralized processes and operations which allowed them to continue to serve their professional needs despite the challenges caused by the health crisis. 

We already talked about how a DAM ensures business continuity by optimizing workflows and collaboration, but what other takeaways do we have for the post-COVID marketing era? Well, DAM solutions have the power to enable efficiencies in the use of resources that make your business and your employees shift from reactive to predictive.The ability to monitor and analyze your assets allows you to better prepare and react to future events which strengthens your business’ resilience. Analytics also come in handy when setting up a business continuity plan which requires that leaders identify who is operating where and with which type of asset. 

Moreover, a central repository is a sort of business continuity plan in itself: Points of failure in today’s companies are often legacy processes and practices. For instance, data that resides on a single desktop and media assets stored locally on a drive, but which suddenly disappear. Ensuring assets are uploaded to a centralised DAM as a single source of truth is a future-proof strategy and prevents you from catastrophic scenarios, speaking asset wise. 

Are you ready to prepare the post-Covid marketing era? The future is now and your business is going to be more digital than ever before. The Wedia enterprise DAM solution supports your post-COVID marketing strategy and your teams to prepare and handle the challenges we will face tomorrow.


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