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Brand Center versus Brand Platform : what’s the difference?

When it comes to brand management, you often hear the terms Brand Platform and Brand Center. But it isn’t always easy to understand what they really mean. That’s why we’d like to dedicate this post to explaining the differences between the two. And the features specific to each.

Brand Platform

A brand platform, contrary to what the name would seem to suggest, is a document, published by an agency and specific to each brand. A Brand Platform elucidates the vision, mission, and values of a brand and its position in the market. It makes it possible to define the brand’s essence while uniting the company’s teams around a shared vision.

Brand Center

The Brand Platform is implemented via the Brand Center. It’s a software platform for centralizing and sharing all elements necessary for brand diversification. These elements (logos, fonts, guidelines, etc.) allow internal and external users (agencies, freelancers, etc.) to create communications collateral in conformance with a brand’s identity. Custom-made for each brand, the Brand Center serves as a source of inspiration for everyone and simplifies everyone’s jobs by making it easier and faster to take charge of documents.

The Brand Platform and Brand Center work together to create a strong brand. Which is fundamental when you consider the number of communications channels that need to be supplied with content everyday. This collaborative effort guarantees tremendous control over a brand’s visual identity.

Wedia implements Brand centers for a number of major groups. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.