Video: Consistent and compliant product visuals with DAM product view

How to ensure consistent and compliant product media with Wedia’s DAM product view?

Do you need to manage a large volume of products and product media such as images, videos, 3D, 360…? Are you asking yourself how to ensure that all your product visuals are consistent and compliant at all times? Find out how a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution like Wedia’s which includes a product view can help you to unify the product media universe in your DAM and offer the best online experiences to your customers.

Brands nowadays have an increasing amount of media to store, manage and diffuse. So, the need for all kinds of media has accelerated, but it has also become more complicated and standardized. This is especially true for those who are selling products online and offline. Experts recommend for example that you should use, depending on the type of products you are selling, at least between 4 and 7 images per product when displaying a product on your online shop. Another important aspect is the use of hero images. These images immediately grab the visitor’s attention and help them in better understanding your products, making them more useful than simple pack shots. Hero images are basically a crucial element for your web design, because they are optimized and beautified images with key information. And don’t forget about the adaptation for different channels and markets. In this context, the challenge is to ensure that your product assets are consistent, compliant and complete at all times. By doing this, can you be sure to offer your customers (and potential customers) a comprehensive and compelling customer experience. The good news is that a DAM solution like Wedia’s can support in achieving these goals.

How? Find out in our newest video tutorial:

Ensure consistent and complete media using a DAM solution with a product view

As mentioned above, a unified and complete media library which provides all relevant visuals for your different business goals is crucial for every brand these days. Therefore, Wedia’s Product Team has worked intensely on developing a product view in our DAM solution. But why is it so useful? 

It allows you to search within different categories to check all important information for each product: Is all the required media for a specific product available? This may include photos of your product from different angles, lifestyle pictures, pack shots, hero images, 3D videos etc. Are product images consistent? Are they compliant? If you have different international target markets, chances are high that there are also various mandatory legal notices for each country which you need to include. Speaking of different markets: Cultural adaptations (color preferences, landscapes etc.) also need to be taken into consideration in order to prove your credibility and customer knowledge. 

Smooth workflows thanks to a DAM product view

When it comes to providing consistent product visuals, there are different key  stakeholders involved, from marketing directors and CMOs to content creatives and product or image leaders (just to name a few). Bringing all of these people together can sometimes be tricky, but the Wedia DAM product view can support you in this aspect as well: It allows you to see at first glance if relevant media is missing. You have your whole media library under control at all times, and can take action quickly, if necessary (for example asking for an additional photoshoot for missing pack shots, graphical enhancements etc.). 

Provide a unique and complete digital experience

In case you are still wondering why you would need so many different types of media, we cannot stress enough that marketing challenges have drastically changed. Customers’ expectations have evolved, and the standard customer wants a positive and uniform shopping experience offline now online. Images and other types of visuals are your tool here to give them all the information they need (and provide many benefits to your business, such as lower product return rates). Moreover, market localization in terms of visual marketing has gone from a possibility to a condition: Not having localized packaging or product views is just not reasonable anymore.



Complex times demand intelligent tools for mastering new marketing challenges and ways of working. The Wedia solutions offer various functionalities to support global players in achieving their business goals. 


Wedia provides a SaaS solution for digital asset management, including a number of services (consulting, integration, support, etc.). Our solutions are focused on the management and omnichannel distribution of marketing media, so that companies can deliver a high quality customer experience across all communication and distribution channels.


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