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This specialized service is intended for customers who use Wedia as a DAM.
After all, a library’s proper functioning depends on the quality and management of its photos and videos. This task, which we refer to as “indexing,” requires an indexer’s special skills. As a result, we offer our customers the services of our in-house team of indexers.

Slide Indexing Documentary
Defining media classification
Cleaning and managing data
Archiving expired content
Collecting assets (on a daily, weekly
or monthly basis)
Managing rights and photographer relations
Selecting and choosing assets for media, press, etc.
Document processing (for all media) – physical
(preservation, referencing, etc.) and intellectual
Managing front office content
Managing databases (accreditation, user management)
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Indexing Customer
Auditing and recommendations
Software and document-processing
Image-rights consulting
Iconographic research
Negotiating with and purchasing from image banks
Iconographic needs assessment
Statistics analysis and follow-up
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Slide Indexing Documentation
Document structuring
Managing closed lists
System-upgrade follow-up
Storyboard design for new media websites
Recovering data from legacy systems
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