Artificial Intelligence
applied to media

We combine an intelligent library with artificial intelligence technologies in order to boost your productivity and improve the management and enrichment of your media assets. Deployed on Microsoft Azure cloud, our solution allows you to benefit from advanced services in image and video analysis.

Artificial Intelligence Image analysis services Automated keywording: An intelligent auto-tagging function analyzing pixel data
and metadata of existing images in the DAM to automatically assign the best keywords for a new asset

OCR* & scene description: Automatically extract text-based information and generate a description
for each image (* Optical Character Recognition)

Face and emotion recognition: detect faces along with face attributes (gender, age), identify individuals that
appear in an image (celebrities and individuals in your own private repository) and detect emotions of people

Pre-moderation of content: screen for and automatically tag violent or explicit content in an image

Qualify: the image type (line drawing vs real picture), image quality, and color schemes
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Artificial Intelligence Video analysis services Automatically convert speech into a time-coded transcription
(clicking on the text sends you to the corresponding part of the video).

Automatically detect textual elements, logos
and objects in order to generate new keywords,
time-coded OCR and video descriptions.

Time-coded face detection (gender, age) and person identification
(celebrities and individuals in your own private repository).

Reduce errors moderating UGC and EGC content by automatically recognizing
emotions and screening for sensitive or inappropriate content.
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Artificial Intelligence Data analysis services With the application of AI algorithms, we enable you to detect trends and
correlations with sales conversions

Gain a data-driven approach by sharing and optimizing visuals for each channel

Guarantee high engagement with your content while reducing costs and
ensuring a maximum ROI
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