Enhancing digital marketing and packaging efficiency: Savencia Group's strategic move with Wedia's Digital Asset Management Platform

22 May


Written by

Louise McNutt




Enhancing digital marketing and packaging efficiency: Savencia Group's strategic move with Wedia's Digital Asset Management Platform
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Savencia Group, a renowned international food conglomerate, has successfully addressed key challenges faced by its various departments through the implementation of Wedia's Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. This strategic move aimed at supporting subsidiaries and distribution partners has significantly improved the management and distribution of marketing and corporate content, fostering collaboration, ensuring compliance, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Overview of Savencia Group

Savencia Group stands as an international, family-owned, and independent food group with a global workforce of 25,200 employees. Operating in 120 countries, the group encompasses two main entities: Savencia Fromage & Dairy and Savencia Gourmet. Savencia Fromage & Dairy holds a prominent position in dairy processing, being the world's 5th-largest cheese maker. On the other hand, Savencia Gourmet is an international player in chocolate and premium brands for sweet gastronomy. Additionally, in France, Savencia markets charcuterie and seafood through brands like Bordeau Chesnel, St Agaune, and Coraya.

Challenges faced by Savencia Group

The diverse departments within Savencia Group encountered several challenges, including the need for the latest product packshots, secure resource sharing with external partners, and proper management of visual assets for marketing campaigns. Recognizing these challenges, the group sought a comprehensive solution to streamline processes and enhance collaboration.

Choosing Wedia's DAM platform

To address these challenges, Savencia opted for Wedia's DAM platform. The chosen DAM platform provides several key functionalities:

Media Library: A centralized repository for storing a variety of media assets, including packshots, images, catalogs, long and short videos, TV material, zip files, and more.

Content Segmentation: The platform facilitates fast and relevant searches through segmentation, categorizing content into packshots, brand communication, group and subsidiary communication, and a historical section.

Packaging Validation Workflows: Automated workflows ensure that visual resources are seamlessly integrated into the DAM. Information from the product repository is incorporated, and automatic validation and archiving processes are in place.

Integration with Brand and E-commerce Sites: The DAM is seamlessly integrated with the websites of various Savencia Group brands, as well as the e-commerce sites of the group and its distribution partners.

Benefits and impact

The implementation of Wedia's DAM platform has yielded significant benefits for Savencia Group:

Centralized Asset Management: Over 100,000 media assets from dozens of brands are centralized, providing easy access to more than 12,000 employees.

Global Deployment: The DAM solution was initially deployed in France and gradually extended worldwide, fostering a consistent and efficient approach across different regions.

Copyright Compliance: By housing validated content and associated copyright information, the DAM platform ensures the use of the latest versions while respecting copyright regulations.

Brand Consistency: The platform contributes to greater brand consistency across multiple marketing channels, reinforcing Savencia Group's market presence.

Enhanced Collaboration and Efficiency: Simplified sharing and automated distribution on internal and external websites promote collaboration between teams, strengthen sales channels, and improve e-commerce efficiency, ultimately reducing costs associated with content expansion.

Addressing the challenges of digital marketing across a global organization

Savencia Group's adoption of Wedia's DAM platform exemplifies a strategic approach to address the challenges in digital marketing and packaging asset management.

The successful implementation showcases the positive impact on collaboration, efficiency, and brand consistency. 

Read the full Savencia case study. 

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