Wedia leverages Deep Learning to extend marketing efficiency

28 Feb


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Wedia leverages Deep Learning to extend marketing efficiency
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Image recognition using Deep Learning

At Wedia, innovation is at the heart of what we do. We constantly try to predict upcoming trends in digital marketing. We’re also always working to enrich our solution with the most advanced functions on the market.

As a result, our R&D department recently developed new functions in our DAM module to simplify image processing and indexing.

In fact, Wedia has integrated Deep Learning (a branch of machine learning) into its image recognition. This feature makes it possible to analyze the contents of an image and to generate a set of keywords. But that’s not all.

Image recognition also allows you to:

  • identify which area of the image is of greatest interest and deduce an automatic cropping that will remain in effect regardless of the size of the image (for example, on a giant screen, tablet or smartphone),
  • classify the image in one or several thesauruses that might be specific to your profession and that you can gradually develop and define,
  • obtain the dominant colors of an image, which will give you a new axis of research by color or color combination.
Deep Learning

Interested in this new function?

You can choose to activate this feature for all new images to be indexed or just for a specific selected image. Each time, the solution suggests a list of associated keywords. It’s up to you to approve (or not) those that seem most pertinent to you.

The main business benefit of this function? It can significantly improve how nuanced your DAM solution’s image classification system is, facilitating your researchers’ work.

To be among the first to benefit from this future Wedia feature, you can choose to become one of our pilot clients. Don’t hesitate to request further information by writing us or by contacting your sales manager directly.

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