Wedia listed in Constellation ShortList Digital Asset Management (DAM) for Digital Experiences

5 Mar


Written by

Louise McNutt




Wedia listed in Constellation ShortList Digital Asset Management (DAM) for Digital Experiences
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Digital Asset Management (DAM) must now go beyond storing and sharing assets but provide functionality which offers engaging experiences that support marketing and communication teams as they target all areas of the customer journey. 

This ability to build a fully-rounded approach to content creation and distribution must also be combined with a system which can analyze the content that is being distributed by a brand and allow for multi-team collaboration on any given project. 

At Wedia, we are constantly working to bring new improvements and adjustments to our DAM system, integrating AI technology, workflow abilities and a system that provides clear reporting and analytics.

The Constellation Research ShortList

Constellation evaluated more than 50 solutions categorized in the DAM market, taking into account client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share and internal research. 

In Constellation Research’s latest shortlist, DAM vendors who are offering feature-rich solutions are included in order to demonstrate the evolution of the DAM sector. 

Amongst the criteria that Constellation Research considered were: 

  • The ability to store and manage files such as images, video, documents and emerging formats like 3D
  • How assets could be edited and personalized 
  • Defined workflows and collaborative project functionality 
  • Metadata and AI
  • Image cropping and editing with AI
  • Using Generative-AI (Gen-AI) tools to optimize search
  • Content creation with Gen-AI
  • Compliance controls
  • Using the DAM for global and localized campaigns 
  • In-depth analytics tools and reporting 

The power of Gen-AI

The integration of Gen-AI into DAM systems has been a notable shakeup of content creation and management. Brands can now use DAM software to create content with an integrated Gen-AI tool. The integration of Gen-Ai into our DAM system is one of the differentiating criteria that has enabled us to be recognized by Constellation.

At Wedia, we spent time creating, a Gen-AI tool which is integrated directly into our DAM. By entering a text prompt, users can generate content that doesn’t yet exist; adding backgrounds to products that have already been photographed or building a social media asset from scratch. 

By developing this Gen-AI tool, we at Wedia are offering our clients the possibility to further develop their content strategies, speeding up how they go about creating content and providing seamless distribution through only having to use one system. 

Wedia is proud to once again be listed in a Constellation ShortList, recognition of our commitment to providing innovative solutions to our clients. 

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