Wedia named as part of Constellation ShortList™ Digital Asset Management (DAM) for High Volume Commerce

19 Sep


Written by

Louise McNutt




Wedia named as part of Constellation ShortList™ Digital Asset Management (DAM) for High Volume Commerce
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With digital commerce now proving to be more visual and more personalised than ever before, customers must be able to experience various innovations in terms of showcasing products, in order to make their purchasing decisions. 

Whether it’s fully immersive environments or highly-tailored content, the expectations of customers have been raised and retailers must respond. 

It is in this way that Digital Asset Management (DAM) allows brands to store, share and distribute their digital assets across a range of channels, tailoring each piece of content to the intended audience and platform. Engaging teams such as marketing, communications and IT, a DAM system delivers a unified hub for a brand’s assets and a way of easily distributing them. 

How DAM vendors were selected

Constellations ShortList™ Digital Asset Management (DAM) for High Volume Commerce has been established to showcase DAM vendors who are capable of scaling and optimising their systems for high-volume commerce. 

Wedia is therefore delighted to have been included in the shortlist, which demonstrates our commitment to offering marketing and sales teams the opportunity to put customer experiences at the heart of their operations. 

Constellation considered such criteria as: 

• Asset aggregation, storage, and management for files including images, videos, documents, and emerging formats including 3D

• Metadata and tag management powered by smart tools and AI

• Capacity for globalization and localization

• High-scale transaction volumes

• Enterprise-scale security

Analysing over 65 solutions, Constellation handpicked 10 providers based on customer references, vendor selection projects, market share and internal research. Wedia is as such very proud to have been recognised as a leading and global DAM provider. 

Find out more here. 

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