WediaTransfer: the new tool to facilitate your file sharing

4 Jan


Written by

Louise McNutt




WediaTransfer: the new tool to facilitate your file sharing
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In the fast-paced and interconnected world that brands now operate in, the ability to swiftly and securely transfer large files is imperative for optimal collaboration and the smooth running of various operations.  

At Wedia, we already offer a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that ensures large companies are able to manage large volumes of content, from optimum storage to enhanced KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which help companies understand how successful their content is. 

Wedia’s DAM software is in a constant state of evolution as we adapt it to new challenges faced by marketing and communication experts, as well as important trends such as Artificial Intelligence. 

This is why we decided to recently introduce WediaTransfer, a new feature of Wedia’s DAM which allows for the sending of large files (up to 10GB) without having to use up any storage within the DAM environment. 

"WediaTransfer is the answer to our users' daily needs for exchanging very large files. We have relied on security-proven DAM technologies to guarantee optimum data protection. The advantage for users lies in the ease of use and centralization at DAM level. For companies, it's an effective way of avoiding the risks associated with shadow IT, ensuring maximum security."

- Emilie Nucci, Product Manager at Wedia

Efficiency in large file transfers

One of the primary challenges faced by large companies is the need to transfer substantial amounts of data seamlessly. WediaTransfer addresses this challenge by allowing users to send files of up to 10GB. Files are sent via email links, hosted in a European data center, without recipients needing a DAM account.

A corporate film undertaken by an external production company can be shared efficiently through WediaTransfer to the marketing and communication team. The same applies for sharing casting videos with a brand’s creative team looking to cast for a new company advert or the press team sending out press releases to media outlets. 

Large companies, with diverse teams spread out across multiple locations, benefit from the simplicity and speed that WediaTransfer is able to offer. This not only saves time but also fosters a more collaborative and productive work environment.

Enhanced collaboration across teams

WediaTransfer's collaborative features are particularly advantageous for large companies with multiple teams working on different aspects of a project. The ability to share large files with team members or external stakeholders ensures that everyone is on the same page, promoting collaboration and synergy. Whether it's sharing design prototypes, multimedia presentations, or complex data sets, WediaTransfer acts as a bridge that connects geographically dispersed teams, fostering a sense of unity.

Streamlined workflows and increased productivity

By integrating  WediaTransfer into Wedia’s DAM offering, Wedia helps to create a one-stop shop for any company’s content lifecycle.  By promoting simplicity and speed, WediaTransfer helps to streamline workflows by providing a platform that ensures large files reach their intended recipients promptly and securely. This is particularly crucial for industries where time-sensitive projects are the norm, such as advertising, marketing, and software development.

Whilst the person sending the link will benefit from a DAM system, those receiving the files will not need one, making it easy to send files to a variety of stakeholders: creative agencies, journalists, media etc. 

What’s more, large corporations often have employees working remotely or traveling, and the ability to initiate or receive file transfers on-the-go ensures that work progresses seamlessly regardless of where people are accessing files from. 

Security measures for confidential data

The security of sensitive information is a paramount concern for large companies, especially when dealing with proprietary data, client information, or intellectual property. WediaTransfer incorporates several security features to address these concerns and provide peace of mind to corporate users.

WediaTransfer employs end-to-end encryption to protect files during transit, ensuring that they remain confidential and secure from potential threats. 

A fully rounded approach to content management 

Large corporations often handle a significant number of media, whether it’s images, videos, audio files, design or legal documents. 

Instead of having to rely on multiple platforms, Wedia’s DAM brings together multiple functionalities which allow for teams within a company to store, manage, share and track their content, without having to switch between different platforms.  

WediaTransfer helps to boost the overall offering of Wedia’s DAM

WediaTransfer is an extension of Wedia’s commitment to meeting the needs and changing ways of working of our clients. It offers a useful way for companies to send heavy files, using files that are saved within their DAM platform. By adding an extra function to Wedia’s DAM environment, Wedia works to promote efficiency, collaboration and security for large companies across various industries.

As businesses continue to navigate the challenges of a digital landscape, WediaTransfer is part of the innovation that Wedia prides itself on as we work to simplify complex processes. 

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