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Discover a selection of 3 key Wedia articles from 2019

The year 2019 has come to an end and so has the holiday season! A year full of opportunities, twists and turns, content and one that we hope was as fruitful for you as it was for Wedia. 

In 2020, new marketing trends will emerge, probably linked to the strengthening of mobile technologies (5G), the development of new channels or the urgency of our environmental situation…  Other trends are likely to confirm their evolution in the marketing landscape, such as personalized content and immersive formats. 

More than ever, the customer experience will be the terrain of fierce competition, and will be more and more decisive for  your future marketing decisions, whether you want to capture new audiences or retain existing ones.

In order to kick off this new year smoothly, let’s give ourselves time for a short reflection. We’ve hand-picked 3 of our articles from 2019 for you according to different criteria. We hope that this selection will be relevant and that you will find inspiration for your future marketing activities. Enjoy your reading!

Most viewed article in 2019

DXM, DAM, CMS… Which role does each one have in ensuring the best possible experience for your audiences?

How do you produce a digital experience that makes the most of your assets and knowledge of your audiences? How do DXM, DAM and CMS solutions contribute to this? In this article you’ll find a summary of the roles of these different solutions and combinations used by marketing teams.

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The best customer testimonial

“The ability of the AI to actually describe the content of the images surprised us” – Maxence Malak, DAM Project Manager, DECATHLON

With 2 million assets and about 2000 new pieces of content every day, Decathlon’s DAM solution needs efficient and qualitative documentation. Read our interview with their DAM project manager for a feedback on the use of AI and innovation for marketing. 

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And finally, the choice of the marketing team

Channel marketing: how to maintain brand control while encouraging local marketing initiatives

Although many companies work with distribution partners to sell their products and services internationally, managing this indirect distribution network is a significant challenge. How can local and central teams work together to ensure brand consistency and maintain the freedom and flexibility of content localization? 

How can you organize your channel marketing operations?


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