What 2022 taught us: a look back at Wedia’s key articles

What 2022 taught us: a look back at Wedia’s key articles

As we say goodbye to 2022, here at Wedia, we thought it was the perfect time to look back on the articles that were published during the year and reflect on what shaped our business and what 2022 taught us. 

From the exponential rise in influencer marketing, to the idea of Web 3.0 and the new autonomy that internet users may be granted, 2022 was a year of growth and innovation and one that taught us a lot. As a key player in the field of technology and marketing, Wedia has continued to develop new features which support current and future challenges for businesses. From integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) to omni-channel media management and distribution solutions, Wedia’s SaaS products support businesses in delivering experiences which meet the changes of today and the future. 

With 2023 set to be an even more exciting year, we’re ready for the advances and trends that lie ahead of us. In the meantime, we give you a second chance to take a look at the most read article from our blog, the most engaging on our social networks and finally one of the Wedia team’s favourites. So what did 2022 teach us? 

The most read on our blog

The Evolution of Digital Asset Management: Innovating in Technology

Over time, Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms have expanded in use cases, becoming powerful tools used for marketing, sales and commerce activities. But this modern and sophisticated technology today used to streamline global businesses’ omnichannel strategies is thanks to DAM’s ability to take advantage of technological innovations, and thus meet the challenges of global brands.

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The most liked on social media

Decathlon Uses Wedia to Deliver 15 Billion Assets in 60 Different Countries

Decathlon is a French sporting goods retailer that has created many well-known brands, selling clothing and equipment for around 100 different sports. The retailer creates content by following a “7-image buying decision guide” – the idea being that each product posted online requires seven different visuals to support any purchasing decision by a customer. 

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Wedia’s personal favourite

6 Marketing Trends that will Perform in 2023

It’s set to be an interesting year in marketing as brands leverage new technologies and implement deeper insights and analytics. 

From hyper-personalized content and long-term influencer partnerships, to smarter email marketing and conversational AI — organizations have plenty of opportunity to elevate their marketing and get ahead of the competition.

Find out what’s in store for 2023

The first chapter of 2023 has only just begun, and at Wedia we are excited to see where the year will take us. From new innovations within the DAM to growing collaborations with our clients and partners, this year looks set to be another exciting one. Will 2022 taught us a lot, we’re sure that there’s much to learn in 2022. Happy New Year! 


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