The challenge of Creative Project & Content Management


Even as marketers invest in content more than ever, they are plagued by lingering questions. How do you attract attention? How do you get concrete results? And, most importantly, how do you make people actually care about your brand and products?


Managing your key external and internal contributors on a day-to-day basis can be a major hassle! Never-ending e-mail threads, mixed-up files and creative projects, as well as colleagues’ birthdays showing up on the same calendar are no longer acceptable!

Our CPCM solution


Great content marketers are like conductors, directing an orchestra of contributors, approvers, stakeholders, and others.
Our Creative Project & Content Management module makes this task simple with collaboration tools that make planning, managing, and approving content a snap.


Our powerful technology enables you to create and manage all of your corporate content in one place, streamline your approval processes, and optimize every aspect of your content and asset strategy with patent-pending analytics that tell you what to do next.
Draw on your internal team for content ideas and use our platform to turn those ideas into stories, videos, infographics, etc.


Our solution unifies your content production with a flexible workflow to help you manage everything from strategy and editing to approvals, deadlines and deliverables.

We help brands simplify each step of their content creation process

and control what is right for distribution.

Your benefits with Creative Project & Content Management

Plan, organize and monitor your brand and marketing content


Add, delete or move assignments.

Manage multiple publications.

View by current step due or planned publishing date.

Filter by publication, story type, contributor, status and more.


Make creating collaborative and creative projects easier and faster


Customize approval workflows for each item of content.

Use our simple approval interface (even for lawyers).

Audit trails and track changes let you know exactly when (and by whom) each change is made.

Control content and asset publication across digital, social and traditional channels


Easily push approved content directly to all your social channels.

Facilitate simple publishing integration with any third-party CMS.



Learn about your contents’ performance to create new assets based on best practices


Make sure your sales team and customers access only the most up-to-date content.

Track the most efficient items of content and those that fail to resonate.

See production metrics, including content creation, workflow and productivity data (such as which stories have been completed).

Customize your dashboard to highlight whatever is most important to you, with simple drag-and-drop cards, menus and historical data.

Our story with Danone


Danone’s Corporate Communications is organized as an internal news agency to produce its various digital media content: internal websites, corporate site, thematic sites, blog and social networks.


To optimize the production of this content and to carefully control the editorial process, Danone chose Wedia’s Creative Project and Content module.

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