Bring your DAM homepage to life – easily

How can you make even more of your DAM?

By curating the front-end pages! Curation refers to all procedures used to organize and structure content on the web. This method can be used for the front end of your DAM. Allowing you to emphasize the content you want, when you want to.

Wedia allows you to feature important or recent content in several ways:

  • via a cross-cutting thematic selection (sustainable development, profession, sites, etc.),
  • via the latest news (inauguration of a store, presentation of an award, signing of a partnership agreement, etc.),
  • by highlighting several photos from a reportage (photo series) that make users want to discover the entire reportage or to use its most representative photos.

Once you have selected a photo and showcased it, it can easily be used as a starting point to navigate your DAM thanks to previously established thesauruses (to find out more about thesauruses, don’t hesitate to consult our blog article). By clicking on various fields on the photo’s fact sheet (key words, photographer, country, etc.), it’s possible to search for and find other related images in your DAM.

Did you know that you can delegate the job of enlivening a/dam/thesaurus-key-successfully-searching-dam/nd updating your front-end pages to our indexing division? Many of our clients have already done so – in fact, you can entrust our experts to handle all tasks related to the management of your DAM.

We’ll be more than happy to respond to any questions you may have – just contact us.