press room

The press room: the perfect ally for managing your brand identity

What’s a press room?

If you google “press room,” the search engine will suggest those of UPS, Rolex and many other companies. But what exactly is a press room?

A press room is a platform for the content aimed at media professionals that a brand puts online. Once media professionals have requested accreditation online, they are given access to an interface specially designed for them. The press room is a special area within a company’s media library. Only a selection of its visuals and videos are presented for journalists.

In addition to elements of the company charter regularly requested by the media, in the press room you’ll find the latest photo essays and videos as well as press releases and other company documents.

Whats benefits for journalists?

A search module like Wedia’s allows journalists to put together and download a media basket, with credits and captions included. If a search should come up empty, help from the documentation department can be made available. So that our researchers can step in and take over, offering the journalist a basket of visuals relevant to his or her topic.

A press room can also receive records of the latest products launched by a brand or selections of new developments presented at a trade show. The highly simplified search module makes it possible to display different variations of a product. But, also to filter exclusively for packshots or products displayed in real-life scenarios.

The option of organizing special photo shoots for individual journalists may also be of interest. Depending on which journalist is asking for what – for topics that showcase a particular product, for example.

A good idea? Highlight the content you wish to feature by bringing your press room homepage to life – easily.

It’s essential to include an analysis module to track user navigation: this allows you to generate lists of user requests, topics and angles, as well as which media formats are concerned.