Wedia Content Picker Adobe Creative Cloud edition

How to Create and Update Assets from your DAM within Adobe Creative Cloud with Wedia Content Picker Adobe Edition

Marketing and creative teams need to create and update content daily. How can brands ensure these creative workflows are as seamless as possible to save time and boost productivity? Discover our how-to video on how the Wedia Content Picker Adobe edition helps customers confidently and efficiently design, reuse and edit assets by connecting their DAM to the Adobe Creative Cloud©.

Content, from photos and flyers to banners and product packaging, is an essential marketing asset used to create experiences with your brand, attract and nurture customers and convey important messages related to your products and services. However, oftentimes these assets need to be constantly or periodically updated to reflect the needs of local markets, the seasonal period, current customer expectations or simply new creative or rebranding initiatives. Brands need a way to easily and quickly create these adaptations while ensuring that employees have access to a common repository of validated assets where they can pick the latest versions of images, graphics, templates or brand assets when making these adaptations. 

Design, Edit, upload, Repeat

For a social media or banner ad campaign focused on promoting a new product, a brand may want to create dozens of images showcasing the product using one single text, or instead use one single image with varying messages in order to maximize its effectiveness. The company may want to incorporate this new media into an existing product catalogue, flyer or poster in order to highlight the new product. They may also need to later revisit this same digital or print material to modify textual elements related to pricing or the product’s description. Whether you market products or services, and whether you focus more on print or digital media, this constant flow of content plays a key role in engaging customers and increasing sales. 

By repurposing content, brands extend its lifespan, giving it more value while minimizing their efforts. But creating, modifying and updating your media files can require hours of work especially when you work with many collaborators, in several countries and with various creative tools. From designing a new piece of content, to uploading it to your file-sharing platform or Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, to then subsequently sharing and downloading the file for future edits in your creative tools, employees end up facing many bottlenecks in the creative workflow, not to mention unnecessary headaches.

Wedia Content Picker Adobe Edition : the Solution to your Creative Roadblocks

Wedia customers now benefit from a new and powerful connector: the Wedia Content Picker Adobe edition for Adobe Creative Cloud. In addition to being able to access marketing and brand assets stored in the Wedia DAM from the Microsoft Office Suite, creative teams can now do the same from within Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. 

With this new connector, customers can directly find and open assets stored in their DAM from their favorite Adobe creative tool in order to make any edits to visuals and documents. They can for example quickly transform an image in Photoshop, or update a document in InDesign by substituting images using drag and drop, or by modifying textual elements. They can even edit and update packaging designs or social media posts easily within Illustrator – all without ever having to switch between their DAM and a lineup of Adobe tools.

Replace images in an InDesign template with drag and drop

Replace images in an InDesign template with drag and drop

Maximizing Reuse and Control of your Content

The Content Picker not only boosts the efficiency of your creative teams but makes sure everyone is using the latest versions of assets. When you use the Wedia Content Picker Adobe Edition, you can be assured that all assets you utilize from your Adobe Creative tools are brand approved and up to date as they originate from your single source of truth DAM system. 

The Content Picker also ensures that assets in your DAM are always up to date. Once you’ve made the necessary edits to a document or image in Photoshop for example, you can save and upload the new version of the image directly to your Wedia DAM. In your DAM, the old asset will be automatically replaced with the newly updated one. Wedia also monitors when assets are modified and creates a dynamic link to automatically update and sync files within the entire Adobe Creative Suite. This means that any InDesign file that integrates this image, will also be updated to include the newly submitted version of the image. This way, you make sure that the most recent versions of your company’s assets are always available, no matter the user’s point of entry.

Upload an edited image from Photoshop to your Wedia DAM

Upload an edited image from Photoshop to your Wedia DAM

InDesign template is automatically updated with newly edited image

InDesign template is automatically updated with newly edited image

The new Wedia Content Picker Adobe edition for Adobe Creative Cloud saves customers valuable time in the creative design process, while also preventing errors in the use or re-use of content. By providing a seamless connection between your DAM platform and Adobe creative tools, the Wedia Content Picker helps you simplify asset editing and uploading, and maximize the reuse and control of your content, all without disrupting your creative workflows.

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