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Power consistent, engaging and personalized digital customer experiences across all channels at scale

Digital eXperience Management module to complete your DAM solution

Wedia Digital eXperience Management module enables large organizations to deliver an optimal content experience, and to measure and score content performance in order to continuously improve this efficiency on their websites, eCommerce sites, social networks…
Wedia - Digital eXperience Management: deliver an optimal content experience, and to measure and score content performance
Wedia - Digital eXperience Management: Automatically deliver images and videos adapted for every device and channel

Automatically deliver images and videos adapted for every device and channel


Solve your image transformation and delivery problems by automatically serving multiple variants from a single master asset stored in your DAM.


Ensure low latency and a quality user experience everywhere by adapting content at scale according to the user’s bandwidth and screen size.


Reliably diffuse your assets to local or worldwide networks on several key channels (web, blog, social, ecommerce, apps etc…).

Dynamically contextualize each customer experience


Automatically adapt content based on user context and behavior, creating multiple personalized experiences from a single master asset.


Automate tedious and low value tasks with AI media features such as “smart cropping”, background removal, color substitution, video subtitling to enrich each customer experience.


Generate assets from atomic content which dynamically combine small pieces or layers of ‘micro-content’ to create new visuals for a specific campaign or end user.

Wedia - Digital eXperience Management: Dynamically contextualize each customer experience
Wedia - Digital eXperience Management: Boost productivity by connecting your DXM to your Martech ecosystem

Boost productivity by connecting your DXM to your Martech ecosystem


Connect DXM with your everyday marketing tools to avoid wasting time switching between your DAM and the various digital tools within your organization.


Open your DAM from your Web CMS in order to integrate visuals, logos, product images etc. directly onto your webpages.


Optimize customer experiences by integrating DXM with several key building blocks of your information system: DAM, PIM, CRM, CMS, CDP, marketing automation and eCommerce solutions.

Gain a cross-channel, media centric view of your marketing efficiency


Track and secure the use of your images online as well as measure their success on your different websites and those of your distributors and partners.


Understand how different markets, channels and customer segments engage with your content and their variants using content scoring and performance metrics.


Gain a media-centric view of the customer journey that complements existing analytic systems such web analytics, audience analytics (CDP, CRM…) to guide content production.

Wedia - Digital eXperience Management: Gain a cross-channel, media centric view of your marketing efficiency

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Case study

Decathlon deployed a Digital Asset Management capable of integrating into a global information system, interfacing with an ERP, a marketing PIM, thirty websites using various content management systems and e-commerce websites...
Customer Success Story: Decathlon


Sporting goods retailer, Decathlon, uses Wedia’s DAM and DXM solutions to manage 2 million assets and diffuse 15 billion images every month worldwide. Thanks to strong integration with its PIM and 40 e-Commerce sites as well as advanced business analytics, Decathlon ensures high quality delivery of its product content and is able to retrieve essential distribution statistics on assets.


Maxence Malak, Digital Asset Management Project Manager, Decathlon

Wedia & Decathlon
Wedia & Decathlon

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You bring your media, we drive the experience

Get started with Wedia’s Digital eXperience Management Solution

Digital eXperience Management: A first introduction to the concept

Digital eXperience Management (DXM) is a module that complements Wedia’s core Digital Asset Management solution. The purpose of this module is to help customers power consistent, engaging and personalized across all their digital channels at scale. As customers are exposed to content across multiple digital channels (websites, social media channels, e-Commerce sites etc) and in multiple contexts, it is important that brands always ensure an optimized experience with this content.


Digital eXperience Management enables large organizations to automatically adapt and deliver visuals (images and videos) for every device and channel. By transforming assets stored in your Wedia DAM, DXM allows you to generate multiple variants of those assets in order to dynamically contextualize each customer experience. Content is adapted according to different technical contexts (device, format, resolution…), user contexts (location, culture, season..) and user behaviors (session duration, already seen content…), creating multiple personalized experiences from a single master asset.


DXM integrates with your Wedia DAM, but also with your entire Martech and app ecosystem (PIM, CRM, CMS, CDP etc) and comes with powerful APIs, a Content Delivery Network and Data Visualization features in order to ensure high quality media delivery, support real-time contextual personalization, and help you focus on relevant content thanks to a media centric view of the customer experience.


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