The challenge of Digital eXperience Management


Brands need to be able to produce, deliver and renew all forms of digital content across all possible channels (web, blog, social, apps etc). This content not only needs to be rich and engaging, but personalized to the end user and their context in order to drive customer experience and ultimately (through content scoring and marketing performance analysis), e-commerce.


However, the systematic adaptation and global diffusion process of digital assets can be very complex and expensive, especially when this media comes in the form of video, which has become a key ingredient for brands in competing for customers and sales.


Companies therefore need to dynamically produce digital experiences that makes the most of their assets and their audiences in order to ensure the best possible user experience. They also need to be able to collect data to measure the ROI of their marketing efforts and set up a workflow that delivers a consistent and great experience at every touchpoint.

Our Digital eXperience Management solution


Wedia’s Digital eXperience Management (DXM) module is at the crossroad of content and consumer context: it allows clients to dynamically adapt master assets from a single source of truth library (SSOT), and distribute them onto various distribution channels.


Digital eXperience Management makes dynamic content available through API and ‘headless’ diffusion. The content is managed separately from the content presentation but interacts with the audience when it is diffused.


This separation allows creative teams to focus on building the core content without having to simultaneously worry about the presentation. Content is adapted on-demand in the desired format and at any requested moment, enabling a ‘create once and publish everywhere’ workflow.


The main goal of the DXM module is to deliver a great and personalized user experience. This is achieved through a dynamic rendering of content which generates multiple variants of assets. The variations can include the technical adaptation of content (device, format, resolution, SEO, rights management) to the user context (location, culture, season, weather, place …) and behavior (session duration, already seen content, previous navigation, user journey etc.).


In order to succesfully produce such digital experiences, both contextual and unified, the DXM integrates with several key building blocks of your information system. First of all, the DAM (Digital Asset Management), but also, Product Information Management (PIM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management System (CMS), CDP (Customer Data Platform) or Marketing Automation and eCommerce solutions.


The DXM module also comes with the necessary data visualization tools to measure the marketing performance of your content and improve your marketing ROI.

We make it easier for brands to generate dynamically personalized content and measure their marketing performance in order to to improve digital customer experiences.

Your benefits with Digital eXperience Management

Deliver interactive and dynamic content that engages users:


Dynamically adapt content based on user context and behavior to create multiple personalized experiences from a single master asset.
Drive user engagement by immersing them in interactive scenarios with multiple call-to-actions, personalized data and related content recommendations.




Provide a quality user experience with adaptive streaming:


Ensure low latency and dynamic video quality by adapting video assets to the appropriate device (smartphone, tablet and desktop) according to the user’s bandwidth and location. Our responsive video players and viewers come with multiformat encoding in order to guarantee a consistent quality user experience everywhere.

Securely diffuse your medias in multiple languages and markets:


DXM is a solution that help publishers better get value from their inventory with brand safety, fraud and viewability controls. By connecting to a CDN or enterprise CDN (eCDN) you can diffuse your assets to local or worldwide networks on several key channels (web, blog, social, apps etc). Our enterprise video capabilities include rights management and encryption for secure video publication.


Measure the marketing performance of a fully-integrated experience:


Collect data about your marketing content and users’ context with consumption, engagement and business metrics, across all channels in order to keep learning about your audience and generate better business results. DXM incorporates data collection, data enrichment capacities and suitable data visualization tools so that you can better understand and design the customer experience.

Our story with Decathlon


Decathlon deployed a Digital Asset Management capable of integrating into a global information system, interfacing with an ERP, a marketing PIM, thirty websites using various content management systems and e-commerce websites…

Discover our Content Scoring & Data Visualization features in our DXM module

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