Distributed Marketing ManagementEmpower your sales channels

Enable sales teams, regional entities, partners, dealers and franchises to localize content while maintaining brand consistency, legal compliance and costs

The Distributed Marketing Management module to enhance your DAM solution

Wedia’s Distributed Marketing Management module helps large organizations with distributed teams drive more revenue by enabling them to create localized and consistent marketing campaigns across markets and channels while controlling how content and media is used and distributed.
Wedia - Distributed Marketing Management
Wedia - Distributed Marketing Management: Execute localized marketing campaigns

Execute localized marketing campaigns


Help distributed marketing teams drive more revenue by supplying them with preloaded templates from which they can customize and localize marketing materials.


Execute the design and production of personalized, multi-country, multilingual content using an intuitive interface for changing contact details, promotional offers, pricing, photos, or headlines.


Allow local marketers to easily adapt and edit their marketing materials for online and offline touchpoints (email, web, social, physical marketing assets).

Expand your point of sale presence


Produce advertising materials that communicate product information or promotional offers at the point of sale.


Stimulate sales in-store by allowing distributed teams to order and print posters, signage, packaging etc. that effectively promote your brands.


Create event-based materials like flyers and brochures easily and in very little time with tools that allow you to always be reactive.

Wedia - Distributed Marketing Management: Expand your point of sale presence
Wedia - Distributed Marketing Management: Ensure a consistent messaging and brand experience

Ensure a consistent messaging and brand experience


Communicate consistent content by providing local partners with brand guidelines and branded templates designed and validated by corporate marketing teams.


Ensure content is always on brand by defining which aspects local marketers can edit, and limiting how logos are used and which colors and fonts are employed.


Let distributed marketing teams access the promotional materials they need while restricting usage (by geography, user type, content type etc.) and using approval workflows to review and approve newly created documents.

Improve time to market and control costs


Benefit from faster workflows and a shorter time-to-market by standardizing and automating localization processes aimed at improving your ability to meet deadlines and sales calendar.


Enable franchisees, retailers or regional offices to alter what they need in order to optimize their marketing materials without having to do any ad hoc copywriting or design.


Reduce operating costs as you avoid wasting resources in the production process, and limit agency costs as you efficiently re-use templates and already prepared and approved content.

Wedia - Distributed Marketing Management: Improve time to market and control costs

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Case study

Decathlon deployed a Digital Asset Management capable of integrating into a global information system, interfacing with an ERP, a marketing PIM, thirty websites using various content management systems and e-commerce websites...
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Wedia & Decathlon
Wedia & Decathlon

What is DMM or Distributed Marketing Management, a first introduction

Distributed Marketing Management also called through-channel marketing automation solutions or distributed marketing platforms help companies empower distribution channel partners — dealers, agents, brokers, franchisees, retailers and other resellers — to conduct marketing activities on behalf of a parent brand. Distributed marketing platforms enable complex organizations with multiple marketing stakeholders and partner hierarchies to maintain brand consistency through a self-service interface. By providing access to a company’s marketing and brand assets, as well as a library of pre-validated branded templates, distributed marketing platforms make it easy for distribution channel partners to create locally relevant print or digital marketing materials (advertisements, flyers, emails, POS materials etc) while ensuring brand compliance and boosting time to market.



Core capabilities include direct and indirect marketing campaign execution, content distribution and local marketing automation.


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