The challenge of Distributed Marketing Management


How can you eliminate corporate marketing teams’ need to create multiple versions of marketing content from scratch? How can you enforce the use of brand guidelines while allowing local marketers to deliver tailored marketing messages to their specific regions?


In a dynamic content approach, marketing content is viewed as not completed documents, but rather as templates with marketing objects, which are assembled to create a finished document. It is up to corporate marketing teams to design the templates and decide which aspects local marketers will be allowed to edit. These pre-loaded templates are meant to make it easy for franchisees, retailers or regional offices to alter what they need in order to optimize their marketing efforts without having to do any ad hoc copywriting or design. Certain customizations also need to be made to the template automatically – populating an address or logo, for example – depending on which user is accessing it.


Ultimately, corporate marketing teams should be able to offer regional groups the latitude they require, whether in terms of changing contact details, promotional offers, pricing, photos, or headlines, while simultaneously limiting how logos are used, which colors and fonts are employed, etc.

Our Distributed Marketing Management solution


The Distributed Marketing Management module allows you to access a huge range of options for producing and localizing your marketing materials. Create customized materials based on centrally supplied templates in various dimensions, versions, or with different content (a range of product groups, for example). Rule-based templates ensure compliance with central CI guidelines while maximizing the freedom to localize materials.


The Distributed Marketing Management module gives companies creating marketing materials the benefit of faster workflows and a shorter time-to-market. Standardization and automation help save valuable resources and optimize processes. We enable companies utilize the power of their own brands and communicate consistent content.


We provide users with an intuitive interface that allows them to adapt and edit their marketing materials for local markets. New pages and specific content can be added easily using drag and drop, and it is very simple to create your own marketing materials with just a few steps. And, thanks to its seamless integration with the DAM module, marketing material can be populated automatically with the latest product information from your centralized sources.


Our Distributed Marketing Management module enables you to create both print and digital media via your web browser. There is no longer any need for professional designers or complicated and expensive layout tools. You can generate new business cards, newsletters, advertisements, and banners in seconds.

We help make it easy for brands to localize, customize and publish marketing material

on demand and across all channels from a single web interface.

Your benefits with Distributed Marketing Management

Create marketing material from branded and validated templates


Our module converts your InDesign files or HTML creations into smart, online templates. Templates ensure that your colleagues can create and update marketing collateral themselves, without having to depend on the skills of designers or agencies.


Guarantee brand consistency


You can completely pre-define your template, so that your colleagues only adjust certain elements (such as the logo, background, theme/style) and not others, thereby guaranteeing brand consistency.

Control your assets’ localization and adaptation


While enabling your colleagues to create media using templates can save time, screening for errors is still a necessary step to ensure high quality. Newly created documents will be sent automatically to the respective person in charge, who will review and approve the files and, if necessary, send them back to be reworked.


Reduce operating costs


Shortening order and delivery times by using pre-defined print templates reduces costs.

Our story with Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola distributes its product through thousands of independent retailers. Coca-Cola wanted to control the co-branded Point Of Sales material produced by these retailers.


To guarantee brand compliance and efficiency, Coca-Cola chose the Distributed Marketing Management module from Wedia.

Find out more about our solution?


Download our free RFP template for Web-to-Print projects here.


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