Enterprise Video, a unique
enterprise video platform based
on DAM and DXM modules




A combination of Wedia’s DAM and DXM modules, our Enterprise Video Platform helps you manage and distribute high volumes of video on any device at any time, so you can deliver an excellent customer experience.
Simplify your video marketing and communication activities, boost productivity and generate better business results!

Slide Enterprise Video Platform Managing
video content
Organize, tag and easily post your video content
on a local or worldwide scale (publicly or privately)
Ensure tight security by establishing and
customizing rights and authorizations to assets at
the different stages of their lifecycle, depending on
the targeted audience
Regain control of your brand messages
by centralizing and securing video publication
in a single environment
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Enterprise Video Platform Enterprise Video Platform Managing video
user experience
Guarantee a consistent quality user experience
by seamlessly connecting audiovisual content
with your information system, and by diffusing
through CDNs or eCDNS
Use adaptive bitrate streaming to automatically
diffuse your videos in qualities and formats
adapted to all devices and bandwidths
Maximize engagement of your viewers
by offering personalized and immersive
experiences via industrialized
interactive content
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Enterprise Video Platform Enterprise Video Platform Video analytics Collect data from each user for each video,
whether on your website, blog, partner
website or social media platform
Use adapted, advanced analytics to
generate better business results
Track media performance by gathering important
data such as video completion rates and user
engagement on videos from various channels
Identify correlations between videos and sales
in order to measure and improve the ROI of video
as part of your communication strategy
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Enterprise Video Platform Enterprise Video Platform Video AI services From Cognitive and Custom vision to Machine learning and Deep learning, Wedia’s artificial intelligence
technology services are adapted to your specific video marketing and communication needs
AI is applied to media for automatic information extraction and mass-tagging, unlocking
more value from your videos and maximizing your time
Increase operational efficiency by automatically enriching video assets using cloud
and cognitive AI technologies
Infuse your videos with metadata, face recognition, speech-to-text, emotion detection
and other information in order to render your assets more intelligent and improve
moderation of UGC (user generated content) and EGC (employee generated content) content
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