The challenge


Video has become a key part of marketing and communication, able to drive powerful messages and stories that inspire viewers. Videos also allow customers to explore a brand and product features, boosting brand image, conversion rates and customer satisfaction. In light of these benefits, companies have morphed into media entities, prioritizing video creation and distribution. However, this recent proliferation in video content has been followed by a large increase in distribution channels: brand websites, social networks, email, blogs, video platforms, etc.


How can companies meet the expectation of online users in terms of quality and personalization of video content, while ensuring speedy and smooth dissemination? Brands need a cost-effective and reliable solution to meet their video challenges.

Our solution

Wedia’s Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) module allows you to reduce your infrastructure investments by providing a SaaS solution to manage and distribute high volumes of content on any device and at any time. You can organize, tag and easily post your video content on a local or worldwide scale from one comprehensive and ergonomic video platform.


In addition to automatically streaming your videos in qualities and formats adapted to all devices, you’re able to define how your videos are streamed (privately, publicly or via social media) so that you gain complete control over your brand messages and the ways in which they are communicated.


Our EVP solution comes with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence technologies adapted to marketing and communication needs. Data is collected from each user for each video, whether on your website, blog, partner website or social media platform, while AI is applied to media for automatic information extraction, unlocking more value from your videos and maximizing your time.


We provide a centralized video management tool that offers speed and simplicity, and is able to easily integrate with your existing technical environment so that you can focus on the core activity and speed up your business.


Your benefits

Simplify your marketing and communication activity


Regain control of your assets by centralizing and securing video publication in a single environment, and get the flexibility needed for marketing operations.

Ensure tight security of your assets by establishing and customizing rights and authorizations to assets at the different stages of their lifecycle.


Boost productivity and benefit from video analysis services


Increase operational efficiency by automatically enriching video assets using cloud and cognitive artificial intelligence technologies.

Infuse your videos with metadata, face recognition, speech-to-text, emotion detection and other information in order to render your assets more intelligent and improve moderation of UGC and EGC content.

Deliver an exceptional end user experience


Adapt video assets for smartphone, tablet and desktop, and guarantee a consistent quality user experience by seamlessly connecting audiovisual content with your information system and CDNs or eCDNS.

Maximize engagement of your viewers by offering personalized and immersive experiences via industrialized interactive content.


Use advanced analytics to generate better business results


Track media performance by gathering important data such as video completion rates and user engagement on videos from various channels.

Identify correlations between videos and sales in order to measure and improve the ROI of video as part of your communication strategy.

Our story with L’Oréal Paris


L’Oréal Paris chose the Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) module in order to manage and share its video content with branches, partners and the press at key events.


By customizing access to a unique media library, L’Oréal Paris is able to securely manage and stream its video content to the company and general public.

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