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The unexpected benefits of a Marketing Resource Management solution and the heritage vision of it’s marketing and communication campaigns

The heritage vision in a MRM solution

We talk regularly on this blog about the benefits of using a Marketing Resource Management solution to centralize your digital assets (photos, videos, but also finished materials or models), share them internally and externally and of course distribute them:

1.    Mastering the brand message: your available digital resources are updated and validated
2.    Time saving: your users know where to look when they need an item
3.    Economizing: no risk of ordering a report on a subject already treated
4.    The ability to decline a campaign for international: you choose a model and with a simple drag and drop, you can add images and content.

I want to talk today about a fifth benefit to add to this list:

5.    Create a heritage vision of campaigns

In fact an MRM solution allows you to historicize your campaigns as well as the visuals and associated media. Once the campaign is over, they move naturally in an archived status. Then, they are no longer available to research or download. However, their life is not over, by offering a vision in the format “Timeline,” that is to say, on a time scale, you provide your users a historical view of previous campaigns.

Here are three concrete examples of the benefits of this historical vision of campaigns:

  • You make sure your messages are consistent over time
  • You avoid repetition, redundancy, and you find the vision that a customer has received over time of your positioning and your messages
  • When your team or your agency evolve, it helps get your story to newcomers. And to resume the thread of your storytelling.

If you want to learn more, view a concrete example of “timeline”, or request a client presentation, please fill out our contact form.


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