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The management of marketing assets is now a fundamental discipline in the triangle of Communications, Marketing and Sales. Classic Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions are no longer enough. To keep up with the competition, we need to shift to Marketing Resource Management (MRM) and Marketing Intelligence : a truly intelligent platform, embedded with AI algorithms capable of enriching and enhancing your marketing assets. You need to provide your co-workers with effective content production and management methods! To meet this challenge, Wedia continuously invests in the uses of tomorrow through its R&D activities which design increasingly powerful features adapted to the realities of your field.

Wedia R&D is always working on innovation for MRM and DAM software

Wedia innovations respond to all the major demands of an MRM solution


 Alleviate Content Shock

These days, everything is increasing – from the volume of marketing content and usage frequency to the number of users accessing your marketing services. This multidimensional complexity requires increasingly efficient and user-friendly asset search tools. The solution can be summed up in 4 letters: AI and UX. This is why Wedia works to design ergonomic, intuitive and customiable interfaces. Searches are also assisted by transparent tools for users (prediction, error tolerance, semantic synonymy, etc.) and are completed by powerful analysis and indexing algorithms.

Another usage type currently seeing strong growth is content localisation by non-specialist communications or marketing teams. A classic example: an automotive brand is offering its franchisees national turnkey campaigns but needs to take local specifics into consideration (such as culture, location, date, working hours, regulations, etc.).


“Brands are very sensitive to graphic themes. However, graphic arts are tough to master and creating a document that is perfectly tailored for print is a highly technical process. We make ourselves accessible to all areas of the graphic arts, with simplified User Experiences that enable everyone to produce customised templates without any training”, explains Olivier Grenet, Wedia R&D Director. 

Wedia Digital Marketing Management service offer a simple solution for Web to Print

Wedia solutions offer an intuitive service


Innovations for Marketing Resource Management

Would you like to simplify your application landscape? Wedia helps with this by centralising the maximum number of tools and features common to all industries. “There’s still a certain level of complexity”, says Olivier Grenet. “It’s not unusual for our clients to rely on more than 40 applications which are more or less directly connected to DAM! What’s more, some requirements or specific projects need to be able to access marketing assets and our tools. We’re very mindful of opening up our platform, to the point where we have developed an API web services generator.” Users can therefore connect to Wedia in order to work on assets directly. They can use this, for example, to automatically create retargeting banners, and even personalised visuals, without revealing their CRM data.

Wedia's API system allow a simple and secure DAM solution

A tested solution that will integrate into your ecosystem and make your life easier.



Wedia also supports the use of emerging technologies, either via API web services or through integration, to enable you to engage in marketing innovation.

This development has been implemented with ‘reverse image searching’ partners. This functionality is fully integrated and has been redesigned in order to meet your brand content and product marketing needs. It is therefore possible to track the life cycle of your assets displayed online. Who’s using them? What for? Do away with old logos loitering on partner sites! You’ll also be able to avoid reusing visuals already used by competitors to illustrate similar content.

Wedia's innovation allow you to be aware of the use of your assets

Wedia innovations give you a clear picture of your media usage


Professional AI: Bespoke Artificial Intelligence

Just imagine: AI differentiating a nail from a screw! It may be useful… but less so for the website of a major DIY retailer. “There is ultimately not much interest in the automatic generation of descriptive keywords as brand assets are completely targeted and, more often than not, are products to meet a specific purpose. There’s every chance that an asset’s ‘content’ tags have already been inputted at the production stage. By contrast, indexing formal aspects is more complex. This is, on the one hand, because we don’t always know in advance what we’ll be searching for in a year’s time (On what criteria? With what degree of precision?). On the other hand, formal aspects potentially rely on an approximation, a feeling, which may differ from one person to another”, says Olivier Grenet. For example, if we search for a photo of an old person: should they be 50 years old? 60? Older? Wedia bespoke AI, which we call ‘Professional’ AI, offers you a photo or video search based on the following criteria using numerical values (percentages, averages, thresholds, etc.).


Indexing is more and more simple thanks to Wedia's professional AI

Wedia is working on a ‘professional’ AI capable of increasingly precise indexing



Soon, AI 3.0 will herald the possibility of a body of home learning, with indexing no longer being performed on a type of product, but rather on the reference itself. “We are working on an automated search with correlations between assets and their marketing or commercial performance”, reveals Olivier Grenet, thus opening the gateway to ‘content spinning’ – or, in other words, the tailored creation of high-performance content.


Boost Your Data Analysis

Datavizualisation is a crucial part in Wedia's MRM solution

Wedia innovations for content measurement make it possible for every detail to be examine.

From your day-to-day experience, you know that marketing is becoming ever closer to business and that it must demonstrate its effectiveness. Not only do your teams need to be aware of the performance of a campaign, a media or a piece of content, they must also precisely determine its ROI, as sales data and tracking make this possible. Wedia therefore incorporates the best data visualisation (graphical data representation) tools on the market to produce simple dashboards and innovative data representation.

Helping You Adhere to Regulations

GDPR and copyrights can be problematic in assets Management

We provide daily assistance in handling all legal aspects of media management


Even before the GDPR came into force, Wedia had begun to integrate a legal dimension into its platform, starting with copyright management. “We can, of course, precisely check and measure content usage supplied directly through the platform (usage duration, geographical zone, etc.) and, thanks to our bots, we can also help brands to adhere to their own policy with their partners”, explains Olivier Grenet. Indeed, offering great flexibility is essential as legal obligations vary depending on the industry, country and practices of each respective brand, among other aspects. “Wedia unwaveringly operates its clients’ legal policy in respect of client personal data, content traceability and even storage”, states Olivier Grenet. In a digitised world where content and digital resources can soon run out of control, being able to control and simplify image purchases has become crucial. Wedia solutions are perfectly suited to these issues.


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