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Digital Marketing: Concepts easily explained with Wiki Wedia

DAM, MRM, Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing. What do these terms mean and why are they important? What are their differences and their respective advantages?

In today’s jungle of marketing terms and concepts, you can quickly lose track of things. And in this rapidly changing marketing environment, it is so important to stay up to date and be informed about innovations.  

That’s why we created Wiki Wedia for you, a simple reference book with the most important concepts and many relevant articles on digital marketing and Marketing Resource Management. We are pleased to present this new series to you today. In regular intervals we will publish new articles here. So stay tuned.

Our first article deals with Digital Asset Management. We describe exactly what Digital Asset Management or DAM is and what challenges it can meet. Read how a DAM solution can help manage and organize digital assets and why it is becoming increasingly important as the amount of media files in an organization grows.

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