Webinar Content Hubs and Retail by Wedia with Michelin’s testimonial

Wedia Webinar: Content Hubs and Retail

With the rise in online purchases and changes in consumer behavior during this pandemic period, one thing is certain: the convenience and comfort of shopping from your home have made online retail the new norm. As consumers favor digital, contactless ways of shopping, retailers have either taken their business online or are starting to rethink the online shopping experience. How can online retailers ensure they’re meeting customers’ e-commerce expectations? Join us on December 2nd for our upcoming webinar to learn how Content Hubs play a crucial role in helping online retailers drive the customer experience and ultimately boost their sales. 

Would you buy a product without seeing it? You wouldn’t in a physical retail store, so why would it be any different in a digital one? It’s even worse, your product’s visuals are the product itself.

Visuals sell emotion.

In the realm of online retail, content is the fuel for any sale. And the reason for this is simple: online consumers don’t have the opportunity to physically interact with products or speak with a salesperson about their benefits. Online, we rely on virtual representations of products. Product images and visual marketing content are key to helping customers experience, understand and evaluate products online. They allow brands to showcase products and communicate their value, and give customers the ability to make more informed purchasing decisions. 

The need for online visual content however poses two main challenges for retailers. Firstly, they need to produce a number of visuals for the same product: on average, consumers expect to see at least 8 product images per purchase. Sporting goods retailer Decathlon found that in order to accompany the buying decision and maximize the conversion rate of a product online, any single product needs 12 visuals. Online retailers have to create and manage a huge volume of diverse assets like photos and packshots, but also videos and even 3D images giving a 360 degree view of the product, for hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of products, across multiple brands.

Secondly, when it comes to digital, brands face a number of constraints that quickly multiply this number of assets: from technical (optimizing assets to devices and channel specifications), to cultural (adapting content for different markets and languages) and contextual constraints (personalizing content to a specific audience or user). Brands quickly end up having to manage an ever-growing number of diverse assets that must be rendered in hundreds of variations (size, quality, format, crop) that are manually or automatically generated. Moreover, they need to constantly ensure the quality, compliance and effectiveness of these visuals across all their e-commerce sites and partner sites. 

How can retailers overcome these marketing challenges? How do Content Hubs help retail brands manage their visual content, automate the adaptation and personalization of assets and measure their efficiency so that they can boost their sales?

Join the Content Hub and Retail webinar!

Join us on Wednesday, December 2nd for our webinar “Content Hubs and Online Retail” as part of the Content Hub Revolution Webinar Series. Hear from Wedia’s VP of Sales and Operations for North America, Sébastien Bardoz, Michelin’s DAM Project Manager, Lucile Logel, and DAM Product Owner  Frédéric Sanuy, on how Content Hubs can help online retail brands like leading tire company, and Wedia client, Michelin grow their e-commerce strategy by centralizing and syndicating their content to all their websites and communication channels. Register for the session, hosted by Henry Stewart and moderated by DAM Expert Theresa Regli, here.


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