Video series:How to with Wedia’s DAM
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How to with Wedia’s DAM

Wedia Video series: How to transform and deliver your images using APIs

How to transform and deliver your images using APIs

Transform your images and videos in seconds thanks to Wedia’s Content Picker, for an accelerated distribution of your media on all channels!

Wedia: How to resize images while keeping subjects in focus

How to resize images while keeping subjects in focus

For brands, optimizing their images across all online channels is essential to keeping customers engaged, promoting a positive image of your brand, and ultimately generating new or returning customers.

Wedia - Video How to Product view

How to ensure consistent and compliant product media with Wedia’s DAM product view

Do you need to manage a large volume of products and product media such as images, videos, 3D, 360…

Wedia - How to measure the performance and use of your marketing content

How Wedia DAM’s analytics features provide you with the right data to analyze the performance of your marketing content

Do you manage hundreds of thousands of photos, videos, 3D and other media? Do you know by whom and on which channels this content is used?

Wedia - How to find where your assets are published online

How to find where your assets are published online

You publish marketing content and visual assets to engage customers. How can you easily monitor where these assets are used online in order to ensure their correct usage?

Wedia Content Picker Adobe Edition

How to Create and Update Assets from your DAM within Adobe Creative Cloud with Wedia Content Picker Adobe Edition

Marketing and creative teams need to create and update content daily. How can brands ensure these creative workflows are as…

How to easily index your media using Wedia DAM AI indexing Services

Easily index your media using Wedia DAM AI indexing Services

As your media library grows, so does the work needed to sort through it. But that’s work you no longer have to do on your own. Which Artificial Intelligence (AI) services exist to help you free up manual…

Mixed Media Playlists

Engage Website Visitors with Mixed Media Playlists

Rich media like videos, photos or 3D images are valuable marketing assets, as they leave a much more lasting impression and impact than simple text-based copy and other forms of content.

How to maximize the usage of your video with the Wedia DAM

Maximize the usage of your video

From boosting brand awareness and website traffic to generating more leads and sales, video plays a crucial role at your organization. How can brands maximize the usage of their video content using a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform like Wedia’s?

Wedia Introduces the New Wedia Content Picker to Connect your DAM with your App Ecosystem

Wedia Content Picker Add-on

Creating marketing and sales content with your latest digital assets should be quick and easy regardless of your role at your organization or the application you are working in. Discover the Wedia Content Picker, a universal connector that integrates…

Events & Webinars

Wedia at All For Content 2022

Wedia at All For Content 2022

Wedia exhibited at All For Content 2022, an event dedicated to communication and brand content! Take a look at the 2-day event in this short video.

Wedia - Webinar: Content Hubs & Retail

Webinar: Content Hubs and Retail with Michelin and Wedia

With the rise in online purchases and changes in consumer behavior during COVID-19, one thing is certain: online retail the new norm. As consumers favor digital ways of shopping, retailers must either take their businesses online…

Piloter les canaux de vente via votre DAM, discussion et questions/réponses en vidéo avec notre expert Wedia

Driving Channel Sales Through DAM, Video chat, Q&A with Wedia

Channel sales represents 75% of worldwide sales (as stated by the WTO). How can a DAM platform support your sales through channel strategy? This video Q&A with Wedia expert Michael Iulo explores how DAM has impacted channel…



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